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CSI: NY Relationships

Who are you rooting for: Fiesta or SMacked? (That's Flack and Stella and Mac and Stella to you rookies out there!).

» Talk about their relationships, collect photos, speculate on where their ship is heading in the final stages of Season 5.

» Will Season 6 be the start of something new for Mac and Stella? Talk about other hookups you want to see!

» What do you think about Flack's heartbreak over Angell?

» What do you think of Dantana's baby girl? Does it add more to the show?

CSI: NY Cast and Characters

Mac, Stella, Danny, Lindsay...Who's your favorite CSI: NY character? Take a poll, fill out their bios, add pics!

Mac Taylor
Stella Bonasera
Don Flack
Danny Messer
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes
Lindsay Monroe
Dr. Sid Hammerback Peyton Driscoll
Jessica Angell
Adam Ross

Gary Sinise
Melina Kanakaredes
Eddie Cahill
Carmine Giovinazzo
Hill Harper
Anna Belknap
Robert Joy
Claire Forlani
Emmanuelle Vaugier
A. J. Buckley

New York: The Character
One of the best characters in CSI: NY?
New York!
Add your favorite places from the show to this page and check out some gorgeous photos of this magnificent city. Add pictures you've taken yourself! Add songs about NYC!
Read what people have to say about New York City!

The Bad Guys of CSI: NY
Forget Las Vegas and Miami! New York has the best of the worst. Time to pay homage to the villains and criminals that keep Mac & the Team at the top of their game.

» Who would you like to see play a villain on CSI: NY?
» What's your theory on the whole Greek storyline?

CSI: NY Videos

Watch the opening credits, music videos, episode clips, and promos on our video pages!

CSI: NY Quotes & Sayings

The CSI: NY Team members are known for their witty remarks. Contribute to our quote pages!

Photo Gallery

Check out and add photos to our photo gallery!
Add your favourite CSI: NY photos and see if your picture gets featured!

CSI: NY International Fans

English not your strongest language? That's okay!
Go to the CSI: NY International Fans page and see if there is a page for speakers of your native tongue.
Can't find one? Make it!

Masthead Design Challenge WINNER!
CSI: NY | Fan Wiki for CSI: NY - CSI: NY | CSI: New YorkCongratulations to x-tobecontinued-x !

X-tobecontinued-x won fame and fortune on this wiki by designing a fantastic masthead!
Thanks again to all who entered!
New Episodes
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604: Dead Reckoning 605: Battle Scars 606:
It Happened To Me
607: Hammer Down 608: Cuckoo's Nest 609: Manhattanhenge
610: Death House 611: Second Chances 612: Criminal Justice
613: Flag On The Play 614: Sanguine Love 615: The Formula
616: Uncertainty Rules 617: Pot Of Gold 618: Rest In Peace, Marina Garito
619: Redemption 620: ...Mrs Whom? 621: Knock, Knock (1)
622: Whos There (2)

CSI: NY Episode Guides

Write about the evidence and characters in the Episode Guides.

» Can you help add information about Season 1, Season 2 ,Season 3, Season 4, Season 5 or Season 6? We need your help!

CSI: NY Fan Blog

Check out the Blog - our newest feature! Read the latest news and get up-to-date with the latest spoilers!

Fan Fiction

The fan fiction pages are on fire! We have some great writers taking CSI: NY to new and more creative heights.
Check out these great pages and start writing so you can be featured too!

CSI: NY Music

"What song was playing when...?"
"What was the name of the song playing during the autopsy on episode...?"
Find and collect all of the CSI: NY Music!

CSI: NY Polls

Take the pulse of the fans: Make a poll!
Also check out our weekly poll!

CSI: NY Wetpaint Members

We might not be members of the greatest forensics team in the CSI franchise, but we are certainly members of a great Wetpaint!
Meet new friends and see who has the most activity here.

Anything Goes!

Discuss things (gasp!) unrelated to CSI: NY and discover your common interests besides CSI: NY here.
Have fun and keep it clean!
Fun & Games

Can't wait for the next episode to air? Surf these pages to keep the love alive:

Think you know CSI: NY? Try our games and test your knowledge!
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