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Adam Ross is a lab tech for the New York City Crime Lab. He makes his first appearance in season two (episode 208, "Bad Beat"). He is an IT geek, and was great help with Subject X. He seemed genuinely scared when he found out he might lose his job due to budget cuts. Thankfully, Stella found a way of stretching the budget to keep him there.

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, he claims that temperatures below 85 degrees Fahrenheit are cold, and he dislikes snow (episode 313, Obsession).

Work style:
Adam's skills are eclectic and diverse. He occasionally accompanies the field operatives to the crime scene in order to aid evidence collection or to assist in reconstruction. He is usually nervous around authority figures.

What drives him?

He once dated and had his heart broken by a Suicide Girl (episode 305, Oedipus Hex).
He also had a brief relationship with Kendall Novak, played by Bess Wohl.
He had a "one night thing" with Stella (episode 601, Epilouge)

Is shown to have a girlfriend in 'The Real McCoy'. He tells her she doesn't have to stay and deal with his problems with his father, but she says she isn't going to leave him.

Defining Cases (or Episodes):

315, Some Buried Bones:
While observing a suspect on video, he recognizes her instinctual flinch as shying from an anticipated blow. He admits that "[his] father was a bully," indicating that Adam may have been abused as a child. This might explain his characteristic nervousness around figures of authority, such as Supervisors Mac Taylor and Stella Bonasera.

506, Enough
Adam and six other lab techs are being let go in a month due to budget cuts. Mac fights Sinclair for Adam's job and posits waiting six months to purchase state-of-the-art automated work stations, but Stella reminds him how crucial the workstations are, and says they'll have to find another way to save Adam's job. The team members come into Mac's office one by one and give up their paid vacations in order to buy Adam more time on the job until Mac can come up with a more permanent solution.

515, The Party's Over
He becomes teary when interrogating a young child with OCD who had murdered his verbally abusive father and let the child have his iPod. When asked how he knew so much about OCD, he replies, some of it's science" and Mac and Stella share knowing smiles.

801 Indelible
Adam reveals that he worked on 'The Pile' after 9x11, and that he feels a secret shame for oversleeping the morning of the attacks.

9x10 The Real McCoy
His father comes to New York for some sort of therapy. He has Alzheimer's, and is difficult to control, getting away from Adam a couple of times. At one point, Adam breaks down, unable to keep from raging about the abuse he suffered, even though it becomes clear that his father no longer recalls what happened.

Adam was abused by his father.
It is hinted that Adam has OCD.
He overslept on 9/11, realizing really late what had happened.

Adam is a fan of Guitar Hero.

Adam enjoys playing street hockey, and plays as goalie.
We've never seen his apartment, but according to Flack, it's super messy. (In 5X20, he says "you think this is bad, you should see Adam's apartment")


Adam: That glass that Dr. Hawkes pulled from our John Doe... it tested positive for Krypton.
Mac: Krypton?
Adam: Kryptonite was Superman's only weakness.
Stella: Well, that explains everything.
(219, Super Men)
Adam: [Imitating the thief with the gun] I want some Skittles, gimme a pack of Mentos and them Ho-Ho's over there. I love me some Ho-Ho's. And I want all your money!
Stella : Adam... Adam!
Adam: Oh hi, I was just...

Adam: What are we looking for?
Mac: Not what, who.
Adam: Okay. Who are we looking for?
Mac: Someone who might not be there.
Adam: Is this some sort of Abbott & Costello routine, because if it is, I got dibs on Costello.

(418, Admissions)
Mac: Don't tell me we're still playing the name game?
Danny: It's a process.
Stella: Why don't we throw Mac into the mix?
Adam: [Laughs] Mac! ...No. That's a great name. I like your name.
(519, Communication Breakdown)

Adam: What up!
(repeated line, numerous episodes)

Adam: Wooooot! I'm going to South Beach!!!
Jo: (behind him) When are you leaving?
(Adam whirls around, sheepish.

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