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Fan fiction is easy to create on a wiki:

    Just add a new page, name it, and start typing. Pick your characters, set the scene, create some gritty CSI: NY-style dialogue, and let it flow... (Don't get too hung up on format. You can make it a script, a straight narrative, a Harlequin-style romance, whatever!)

    Some other things to remember: Please if you are going to include swearing, smut (sex scenes) or anything else that its more than pg-13 than please mention it at the top of your fanfic please or next to the link of your fanfiction story. And please write what Ship/ships your writing about at the top of the fanfic, just for clarity. And watch for grammar, it makes it easier to read, if you want someone to Beta/grammar-check your story just make a thread or message magicmunchies.

    When you put up a new fan-fiction, please write a short summary and the ship(s) under "Summaries" on the main page of the letter category for readers' convenience. Thank you.

    Here are some great examples!

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    NotteStellata Fan-fiction recommendations? (page: 1 2 3 4) 63 Jan 31 2011, 8:08 AM EST by Runner043
    Thread started: Jun 4 2009, 9:19 AM EDT  Watch
    Because there are so any fan-fics on this forum, it's difficult to read them all, so everyone, what is your all-time favourite CSI: NY fanfic on the forum (other than your own if you have one up)?
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    JulianaWinaRome CSI:NY Stories 10 Oct 18 2011, 10:58 AM EDT by KittyFlack89
    Thread started: May 20 2011, 3:10 AM EDT  Watch
    Hello....I'm Juliana

    I'm new here. And I'm interested to join in Fan Fiction. I have written one story and hopefully it can be performed in one of CSI:NY serial. Could you please inform me where I should send my script?

    Thank you and nice to meet you all. I'm a greatest fans of CSI:NY. I'm crazy with Flack and Danny style. They're so cool.

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    elenaricardo A Year, More or Less After Jessica Angel's Death-Part 1 (er 2-6-2011) 4 Feb 7 2011, 1:58 PM EST by elenaricardo
    Thread started: Feb 5 2011, 6:25 AM EST  Watch
    Don realized after the Gino Cressida Clown Shooting how much everyday emotions are draining energy from him by seeing the price Bobby Renton is paying for doing the right thing and testifying against the Foley crime family. This PCP baker had it coming to him. This killer took Bobby's sanity and family for two years. Taking the baker's life will cost Bobby his freedom for some years into the future but even Bobby Renton will get it all back someday. Watching this family thru the diner's windows makes Don feel that they have might have something more than he has right now. And somehow even for this young cop , he is reminded that life can be short.
    Flack is starting to accept that he sent too much of himself to the grave with Jess; and he needs more of his own life back. The creeps that took her away were so evil. That evil does not have to be forgiven but Don needs to forgive himself for all the anger that surfaced when he could not save her that night. Time is starting to help him heal and get back on track. There is no reason for crazy, drunken train rides. Putting himself in danger did not bring her back. Thank goodness the other people he works with had his back. Otherwise that tantrum could have cost him what he does love...this job. He wants to shed this madness. He wants his life back. But he needs to make it right with Jess and himself. That drive -by shooting cost the NYPD several great cops. Everyone was too distracted with the whole event. He and no one else was ready for a funeral only a few days after her death. He can hardly remember that week. Someone told Don about the White Rose Bereavement Ceremony at the local church tomorrow night. He will go. (Look for part 2-er 2-6-2011)
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    elenaricardo A Year , More or Less after Jessica Angel's Death(Part 2 er 2-6-2011) 0 Feb 5 2011, 6:43 AM EST by elenaricardo
    Thread started: Feb 5 2011, 6:43 AM EST  Watch
    Don Tjhinks it will all be senior citizen widows and widowers who are grieving over loved ones lost thru old age. He is surprized to see how many young people are there. Many people are his age or younger, even kids. How could there be this much sadness and loss amoung his contemporaries? He thought he was alone in this. He takes a seat on the left, in the back where most of the other not-usual-church-goers assign themselves a seat.
    The ceremony was sympathetic. The other people seemed to find this service sincere. Don found some strength in Right Reverend Msgr. Brenden J. Clune's words which were intelligent and kind at the same time. He quoted Aristotle; and someone else from the first century; and Franklin Roosevelt. Don knows he needs more kindness coming in his direction. He does find some comfort and dignity here. He no longer has to hate God nor himself for Jessica Angel's life being too short. (end of part 2-er2-6-2011)
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