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It can be inferred that Danny grew up on Long Island, in a family under surveillance (as hinted at in the episode "Tanglewood". As a result, he formed his own set of hybrid ethics, caught between the world of lawbreakers and law enforcers. Though very little is known about the Messer family, Danny openly admits that he has had a very rocky relationship with his older brother, Louie, since a fateful night in 1991. After promising to take Danny to Atlantic City with some of his friends, they stopped off at Giants stadium where Louie and two others began to severely beat a drug dealer, telling him it was an initiation into the Tanglewood Boys gang. When Danny protested, Louie called him a disgrace and told him to leave. It was later revealed that Louie sent Danny away to prevent any involvement in the subsequent murder of that drug dealer (episode 220, "Run Silent, Run Deep"). Despite the strained relationship that resulted, Danny would later come to lend money to Louie on more than one occasion (episode 211, "Trapped").While Danny and his older brother grew apart in their teenage years, it can be said that they were close as children, since Danny fondly recalls rowing in "the bay" with his brother in their grandfather's boat to dive for bottles (episode 402, "The Deep"). He goes on to say that on one occasion their boat drifted into the harbor, and they were taken home by the Coast Guard, much to the dismay of their mother who, in turn, didn't speak much to her youngest son for a week thereafter, he describes it as "the quietest week ever."After graduating first in his class at the NYPD Police Academy, (episode 122, "The Closer"), Danny was chosen by CSI team leader Mac Taylor to join his team, an honor and a responsibility that he attempts to live up to each day.

[edit]Outside the Lab

It has been implied that Danny is in his early 30s; Lindsay Monroe made a reference to his 30th birthday (episode 208, "Bad Beat"). Danny attended college and played minor league baseball until his wrist was broken during a baseball game that he was playing in. He took a ball in the head, and before he had a chance to do the same to the pitcher, the benches were cleared and he got caught up in the pile-up, shattering his wrist and ending any hopes for a career as a baseball player (episode 509, "The Box"). He is a very good handball player, once using his skills to acquire evidence (episode 216, "Cool Hunter"). He grew up in the same neighborhood as the Tanglewood boys, but maintains he was never a part of the gang like his brother, Louie, was (episode 220, "Run Silent, Run Deep").

[edit]On the Job

On the show, Danny has displayed a tendency to follow his intuition when solving a case, rather than relying on the evidence, for which Mac has reprimanded him (episode 105, "A Man a Mile"). He was also once reprimanded for working to solve a case even after being ordered by Mac to move on to another one due to the victim having died a natural death (episode 119, "Crime & Misdemeanor"). Danny is a very suspicious person; though he gets along well with the rest of the CSI team, Detective Don Flack is one of the few people he truly confides in.Danny is given control of his first crime scene in season 1, episode 6 "Outside Man." Mac tells him and Aiden that the crime scene at a robbery homicide is theirs, that Danny's in charge. The end of the episode says that Danny is on a promotion grid.Almost a year after a episode featuring a case that involved the Tanglewood Boys gang (episode 113, "Tanglewood"), Danny was implicated in a 15-year-old cold murder case. Louie is severely beaten by the gang and left in a coma after attempting to prove Danny's innocence. With Mac's help, Danny eventually clears his name, thanks to a taped confession from the real killer (episode 220, "Run Silent, Run Deep"). Louie's condition is still unknown, though it is widely presumed that he is still comatose.It seems that Danny is particularly sensitive when it comes to suspects who act out on the loss of a loved one. In episode 304, "Hung Out To Dry," Danny tells murder suspect Shane Casey that he understands Shane's desire to clear his brother Ian's name, but does not agree with Shane's methods. Danny's words come back to haunt him later when, during the events of "Raising Shane" (episode 311), Shane tries to exploit Danny's sympathy for his situation, as well as Danny's concern for Louie, to get Danny at gunpoint to process the since-abandoned crime scene to obtain evidence that would prove Ian's innocence. To Shane's despair, the CSI brings evidence with him that proves Ian's guilt, and the police take Shane into custody without incident.In the episode "On The Job" (episode 121), Danny's relationship with Mac becomes strained when, during a critical case, Danny fires his weapon blindly in a shootout that resulted in the death of a police officer. Ultimately, it is determined that someone else actually fired the fatal shot. Nevertheless, Danny is taken off the promotional grid after talking to Internal Affairs when Mac specifically told to him wait until the preliminary evidence report was in. The mistrust fades by the end of Season 2, when Mac talks to him outside the hospital after the events that leave Danny's brother Louie comatose (episode 220, "Run Silent, Run Deep"). Danny is annoyed when he discovers he is evidently the last to learn about the romantic relationship between Mac and Medical Examiner Peyton Driscoll, especially that "even Flack" knew about it before he did (episode 316, "Heart of Glass").Danny takes it upon himself to trade shifts with Lindsay Monroe in episode 324, "Snow Day," taking her place to assist lab tech Adam Ross at a warehouse crime scene. When he arrives, he is taken hostage and held along with Adam by Irish mobsters who hope to use the situation to distract the NYPD while others of their clan break into the lab to retrieve a huge cocaine seizure from earlier in the day. Danny is badly beaten during his captivity (taking a total of 4 blows to the head, one to the spine and having his left hand broken), but with Adam's help, manages to take down their captors in time to be rescued by the officers gathered outside.


Cindy - a woman that likes to talk a lot (according to Danny) but we never meet.

Lindsay Monroe (wife episode 5x17, dated season 3-5) - Danny and Lindsay

After Rueben's death in Season 4 Ep 11 - "Child's Play" he starts to become distant from Lindsay. In Ep 16 "Right Next Door" we see Danny and Rikki (Rueben's Mother) the morning after one of their nights together. Danny doesn't see anything wrong with "trying to make each other feel better" but doesn't say clearly whether he wants this to be a fling or something more. Later in this same episode, Lindsay, who has been getting bad vibes from Danny through the whole ep, says that she doesn't want to be a clingy girlfriend, she just knows what its like to lose someone you're close to and wants to be there for him. She feels like she's lost her best friend since Rueben's death (because Danny is acting differently). She says the problem is that she's fallen in love with Danny and now she has to figure out how to get over it. (Which I guess means shes breaking up with him, or giving him a sort of ultimatum a 'prove you want me/deserve me and maybe we can still save this'). Danny does nothing in this episode. Danny and Lindsay also have a daughter together in the episode "Greater Good."

In Ep 17 "Like Water For Murder" there is a moment in the lab where Danny and Lindsay laugh together at a joke but then when Danny says they should rent a movie together she says the situation was just too weird. She's obviously uncomfortable and leaves the room but forgets to put away a piece of evidence. The team is being observed for accuracy during this ep and the inspector sees the exchange and the evidence left out. The inspector brings up the exchange to Mac, but Mac says he tries to stay out of his team's personal lives. The inspector presses that these are the mistakes that can hurt a case in the future. Knowing the inspector is right Mac brings it up to Lindsay, (just the part about leaving evidence out), she first tries to say that Danny was there, but then corrects herself by saying that she knows she should have put it away. Mac says he is worried about her. She then confesses to Mac that she should have never gotten involved with Danny, and then walks away. (And I bet Mac wonders what Danny did, and whether he should kill him for upsetting her. :) )

Season 4 Ep 19 - "Personal Foul" - Danny decides he needs to break off relations with Rikki but when she comes to the door he finds out she's moving anyway. They part with no ill blood between them but Danny sits at his counter looking at Reuben's memorial paper again. Later in the episode Lindsay is walking in the rain and Danny calls her. He wishes that he hadn't pushed her away and misses her "more than he can say". She asks if he has any idea how hard he is to love" to which he asks if she can come over in person and explain it to him. She says she has to go. (Could this be a turning point in their relationship?)

Defining Cases (or Episodes):Danny

Season 1
Tanglewood Ep 13 - While investigating a dead body in the park they find that a tattoo has been sanded off the back of the body. The team discovers that it was a gang tattoo and Mac asks Danny what he knows about the gang. Danny admits that he used to hang with the gang and was invited to join but declined because he didn't like what they were into. Later in the investigation Danny seems to be struggling with this confession to Mac and tries to talk to him but Mac says he made the right choice to not join the gang and Danny lets the subject drop. Will Danny's affiliation with the gang come up under the investigation and is he actually hiding more details?

On the Job Ep. 21 - While Danny is checking a house for blood splatter a perp dashes out of a closet hitting Danny in the face with the door. Danny follows him into the subway and a shoot out occurs. When the shots stop a dead undercover cop is on the ground, the perp gone, and Danny looks like the murderer. Danny struggles to clear his name but his account doesn't add up with evidence. Mac tells Danny not to talk to IAB for 48 hours but Danny desperately wants to tell his side of the story to clear his name. Will the evidence clear Danny or will he damn himself before the evidence has a chance to?

Season 2
Trapped - Ep 2x11 - While working the case on a reclusive billionaire found murdered inside his bedroom/panic room Danny becomes trapped inside with the dead body. The man who built the panic room says it will be at least 13 hours until he can get the door open and that it will get hot inside the panic room. Stella presses Danny to find things inside the room to use as a crime kit to process the scene before they lose evidence due to the heat.

Run Silent, Run Deep Ep 2x20 - Tanglewood resurfaces on the crime scene when a tip about a body in an end zone is reported by a man who then shoots himself in his car. Mac tells Danny to stay clear of the investigation but when it turns towards Danny and his brother Louie can he stay out of trouble?

Heroes Ep 2x23 - Aiden is found dead in a torched car. Danny is upset about her murder and is really tempted to beat up suspects but Mac keeps him busy with a Marine body found in a park during Fleet Week.

Season 3
Raising Shane Ep 3x11 - Sheldon gets pegged as the murderer of a bartender but the team believes he didn't do it. Even though they are not allowed to handle evidence from the case they gather as much information as they can and try to piece together what really happened. Danny pushes the line by pressing the eye witness for information on the shooter. The team discovers that Shane is framing Sheldon and that he wants the team to exonerate his older brother's name. Danny has to try to convince Shane that his older brother really did murder a bartender. But how will he react?

Sleight Out of Hand Ep 3x18 - Danny and Lindsay almost kiss.

Snow Day Ep 3x24 - Danny switches shifts with Montana so that she can sleep in at his place. When he goes to join Adam at processing the largest drug seizure in city history he discovers the drug lords might not be over their loss. He gets captured and tries to make the best of his situation by taking the kidnappers eyes away from the already tortured Adam. But can he figure out to save them both?

Season 4

Child's Play Ep 4x11 - Danny takes his next door neighbor's kid Reuben to get his bicycle blessed at church. On their way back home gunfire breaks out a shop. Danny sends Reuben home while he helps the wounded shop keeper. Later at the morgue he sees Reuben dead on the table and breaks down. He tries to figure out what went wrong and how to tell the son's mother what happened. (Heartbreaking episode for him).

Season 5

The Box Ep 5x9 - Danny finds out that Lindsay is pregnant with his child.
Green Piece Ep 5x17 - Danny marries Lindsay.
Communication Breakdown 5x19 - Danny finds out that he and his wife are expecting a baby girl.
Greater Good 5x23 - Lindsay gives birth to a baby girl named Lucy.

Season 6

Epilogue Ep 6x01 - Danny is shot and is paralyzed from the waist down.

Vacation Getaway: Danny and Lindsay are attacked by Shane Casey, first on vacation, then in their apartment.

Season 7
The 34th Floor: Lindsay kills Casey. Danny tries to help her cope with taking a human life.

Out Of The Sky: Danny's former partner is revealed to be dirty and involved in a jewel theft.

Season 8

Indelible Ep 8x01- Danny went from Detective Messer to Sergeant Messer

Officer Involved 8x4-Danny is out with his rookies when one of them shoots an unarmed man in a fight. Danny fights IA and is cleared, but returns to the lab anyway.

Season 9:
Indelible: It's revealed that Danny first met Flack on 9/11, and that he might have worked with Lindsay on the 'pile' without knowing it.

Unspoken: Danny is with Lindsay at a politician's rally when she's hurt during a shooting-but by a rolling snack cart, not a bullet.

Nine Thirteen: Lindsay tells Danny she is pregnant again.

Blood Actually: Danny refers to Lindsay carrying his 'little boy' as they try to cuddle at the end of the ep. Sadly, Lucy crying interrupts their alone time.



  • Has a brother named Louie
  • Was going to play baseball till he hurt himself(taken from Carmine's real life history)
  • Knows a little about the music business


  • "My favorite kind of wine is beer.
  • "There's one thing I hate more than running...leaping."
  • (Before setting Mac's arm on fire) "Sold, but if you go up in flames, I get your office?"
  • "Do you know that waterproof mascara dries out your eyelashes? Amazing!"

Mac: Could happen to you, you know.
Danny: What, marriage?
Mac: Love.
Danny: Don't even say stuff like that Mac, is not funny"
(Til Death Do We Part 1x15)

(First glance at crime scene in a tunnel 700 feet under Manhattan)
Mac: You bathophobic? (fear of depths).
Danny: No I'm not anything phobic. Just a few things that shake me up and
one of them is 700 feet between me and daylight. I don't know how these guys
work down here.
(A Man a Mile 1x5)

Danny Messer - yummy!!Danny Messer - CSI: NY | CSI: New YorkDanny Messer - CSI: NY | CSI: New YorkDanny Messer - CSI: NY | CSI: New York

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