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Mr. and Mrs. Messer (a.k.a. Dantana)

SDanny and Lindsayeason 2

2x03 (Zoo York): Lindsay Monroe joined the New York Crime Lab after moving from Montana. Her first case is at the zoo, where she meets Mac Taylor and Danny Messer. Danny decides to give her some advice and tells her not to be afraid of Mac, and to always make sure she calls him Sir, so she does. Mac soon tells her that he hates being called Sir. Lindsay soon realizes that Danny has played a trick on her. Later on in the lab, Danny asks her if she needs any help looking for stuff, and she tells him that he helped her enough this morning. Then they awkwardly bump into each other. Danny soon comes up with a nickname for her, Montana. Danny and Lindsay - CSI: NY | CSI: New York

2x06 (Young Blood): Danny and Lindsay are in the lab looking over some evidence, it's a set of chopsticks that have paper and an elastic band attached to them. Lindsay asks Danny if he would li
ke the paper or the rubber band. He takes the paper because there, "Might be something on it." After looking over the evidence, Lindsay finishes first, leaving a very gob-smacked Danny.

2x07 (Manhattan Manhunt): After a very violent crime is committed and the team arrives Lindsay is quickly sent back to the lab by Mac. She is very unhappy, and soon her mood is made even worse when Danny comes into the lab she is working in. He calls her Montana, and she becomes very angry at him, telling him that she doesn't want to be the brunt of his jokes. He apologizes and tells her that Mac only sent her back to the lab because he was concerned about her. He didn't wan
t her to see that much blood. Lindsay tells Danny that she has seen blood a lot worse than that. This is the first sign that is given to the audience that Lindsay has a dark secret.

2x08 (Bad Beat): Danny, Hawkes and Adam are watching a video of a man and woman having sex. It was a Walrus Documentary that had been taped over. Lindsay, who is passing by the lab, is intrigued by the sounds coming from the TV, so she comes to investigate what the three men are looking at. She asks Danny if it is footage from his 30th birthday party. He tells her that it was a Walrus documentary and she soon begins to watch with them. Since the tape is so garbled, it's hard to look at. Lindsay wonders out loud who the other "walrus" is.

2x09 (City Of The Dolls): The owner of a doll hospital is killed in his store and is stumbled upon by a young boy. Danny and Lindsay work together for this one, and it is clear that the two of them are starting to have feelings for each other. They are discussing the case, and Lindsay says the doll that the victim was clutching onto could have just been used to defend himself but Danny disagrees. He goes on to explain that the grip on the doll was too tight. Taking Lindsay's hand to explain his theory, he finishes but continues to hold her hand. Once realizing what he is doing, Lindsay quickly pulls her hand out of Danny's. Danny nervously asks her if she would like to get lunch with him, but she tells him that she has to get back to the lab. He says he must get back also, trying to cover up his disappointment at being rejected. Later on, when they visit a suspect's home, Lindsay starts to take her shoes off. Danny looks at her and says, "What are you doing? You don't gotta do that." Lindsay replies with, "I was taught that if you show someone a little respect, you might get more than what you came for." Danny then says, "You play good cop, I'll play bad cop, and I'll keep my shoes on." Lindsay says, "Guess you never grew up with hardwood floors." Danny replies with, "No, I didn't actually. I grew up with Bronx Marble." Lindsay says, "What's that?" Danny answers, "It's Linoleum."

2x11 (Trapped): Danny gets trapped in a panic room with a dead body, and no one can get him out for several hours. Lindsay is worried about him and asks Mac if he is doing okay.

2x13 (Risk): Danny finds a body on the tracks of the subway on his way home. He meets up with Mac who is dressed formally, telling Danny that he was at a fundraiser for the mayor. Soon Lindsay arrives at the crime scene wearing a lovely blue dress. Danny is clearly attracted to her and says "Well, hello Miss Monroe. You clean up nice," and wonders if she has too has been to the party, but she informs him that she has just come from the opera. Danny replies with, "I am hanging out with all the wrong people, you know that?" Later on, once going to question the victim's roommate, a girl there smiles at Danny seductively. Danny just looks at her, and soon receives a warning, in the form of a throat-clearing, from Lindsay. Perhaps she's a little jealous? Then the victim's roommate runs from them, and Lindsay and Danny run after him. After Danny nabs the fleeing suspect, he compliments Lindsay, saying "Nice collar, Monroe" because she managed to pull the shirt off the fleeing suspect. They seem to be friendlier with each other now.

2x14 (Stuck On You): Danny and Lindsay work a case where a man is found dead on the street, his face covered in glue. In this episode, they get along great, and Lindsay even makes him laugh. When Mac tells Danny to stick to the evidence, he replies, "Like glue", which causes Mac to chuckle. Lindsay tells Danny that Mac doesn't find it funny and that he's humoring Danny. Danny tells Lindsay that she doesn't know Mac like he does. At the end of the episode, Lindsay is sitting in a bar alone, obviously waiting on someone though. Soon Danny walks in and sits down with her. He automatically thinks that they are on a date until Lindsay points to the stage, where Mac is playing guitar. She tells Danny that he probably doesn't know Mac as well as he thought, and all Danny does is smile and agree.

2x15 (Fare Game): Just a cute moment at the end of this episode. The team is gathered in the break room, around a table filled with entrees made from bugs. Apparently there was a bet going to see if Lindsay would eat any of it. Lindsay then takes a bite of fried tarantula. When the group is surprised, she says, "What? It's just protein." Danny then hands Mac [Untitled]some money, looks at Lindsay, and says "What was I thinking? Shouldn’t bet against a country girl." After everyone else leaves for pizza in Mac's office, Danny and Lindsay stay behind. Danny then suggests trying the grasshopper chutney, and passes it to her, and then suggests the wasp tamale and the mealworm spaghetti.

2x16 (Cool Hunter): Although the two are working separate cases, Lindsay asks Danny to help her with her case by getting him to carry her across a roof to do a re-enactment. She promises him drinks for helping her, but he tries to get her into having dinner with him too.

2x17 (Necrophilia Americana): While in the morgue, Lindsay is watching bugs eat the flesh from the victim. Danny comes up behind her and tells her not to eat them, referring to the dinner they had together in "Fare Game".

2x18 (Live Or Let Die): During this episode, Lindsay makes Danny a little bit uncomfortable, but yet excited when she brings up a conversation about phone sex. Danny quickly asks what she's getting at and she just rolls her eyes and explains that the victim was having phone sex with over twenty men.

2x19 (Super Men): During this episode, Lindsay surprises Danny with her knowledge on football. He soon tells her that it is dangerous, and that he might ask her to marry him. She just smiles and gets back to work.

2x20 (Run Silent Run Deep): Danny's DNA is found at a crime scene that Lindsay is working on. Instead of going to Mac first, she tells Danny, obviously concerned about him. Once Danny is told to hand in his badge and gun, he shares a glance with Lindsay, who looks really guilty and upset.

2x21 (All Access): In this episode their fellow co-worker Stella is attacked by her boyfriend, who she ends up killing. Lindsay is very upset that her friend has been hurt. She
[Untitled]soon gets distracted from the case, and storms out of an interrogation. Danny follows her and calms her down and they resume working on the case.

2x22 (Stealing Home): Danny and Lindsay work a case together where a young girl from Montana is found dead, dressed as a mermaid. While looking at Sid's findings in the autopsy, Lindsay asks if Danny calls her "Montana" because she's a 49ers fan. Sid tells her that he calls her that because he has a crush on her. She just smiles and blushes. Lindsay gets emotionally involved with the case, and once the murderer is caught and sent to jail, she still feels restless. Mac tells her that Danny told him she did good in the case. Lindsay then goes to speak to the girl's murderer and asks him why he killed her. He doesn't say anything.

2x23 (Heroes): Aiden Burn, Danny's former partner, is found dead. The whole team is working her case, and Lindsay mentions to Stella that Danny talks about her a lot and that they were close.
Danny and Lindsay - CSI: NY | CSI: New York

2x24 (Charge Of This Post): At a crime scene, Flack and Mac are caught in a bomb blast. Mac and Flack are in the building that blew up, and Lindsay is outside. When the rest of the team arrives Lindsay is on her phone, trying to get a hold of Mac. Once she sees the team she hangs up in a panic and goes up to them. She has a deep cut on her head, and Danny becomes concerned about her. Later they work on a piece of evidence together, sitting rather close to each other. At the end of the episode, Danny asks Lindsay if she still wants a ride home. She smiles and says yes. They leave together smiling. (There is an unaired scene between these 2, which includes an unaired kiss, possibly their first....Look for it on www.cbs.com or Youtube).

Season 3

3x02 (Not What It Looks Like): In this episode, Danny's true feelings for Lindsay are shown. When 3 girls rob a jewelry store dressed like Holly Golightly, from "[Untitled]Breakfast at Tiffany's", their lives are put in serious danger because they have stolen blood diamonds. After one of the girls is shot dead, and another is taken hostage, it is up to the third to save her. When she arrives at the apartment block, she is greeted by the team and soon arrested. Screaming that if she doesn't get the diamonds back to their owner, her friend will die, but it's too dangerous. Lindsay takes it upon herself to go in as the young girl undercover, to which Danny is none to pleased about. As she is getting ready to go in, Danny corners her and pleads with her not to do it, but Lindsay refuses to listen to him. With one last look, she enters the building. Danny, Flack and Stella sit in a van outside, listening to everything that is going on inside with Lindsay. When Lindsay's cover is blown, and she has a gun pointed in her face, Danny is first out of the van to run to her rescue. Knowing that she is in danger, Lindsay drops a flash bomb, and the whole room is filled with smoke. She jumps and saves the girl taken hostage as Danny, Flack and Stella burst through the doors with a bunch of cops. Forgetting about everything else around about him, Danny searches through the smoke and dust for Lindsay. He keeps crying her name, and when he hears her say his name, he puts his gun away and helps her off the ground. He strokes her hair and then pulls her in for a hug. She clutches his shoulder and buries her face into his chest.

3x03 (Love Run Cold): Everything between Danny and Lindsay has changed in this episode. At the beginning they are acting normal, and processing a scene, but once Mac leaves them everything is silent. After a while, Danny casually brings up a problem between the two. He mentions to Lindsay that it had been a long time since he was stood up on a date, and she replies that she is sorry for doing that but something came up. We get flashbacks of Danny sitting at a dinner table waiting on Lindsay, who didn't show up. Throughout the whole episode Lindsay seems really distant from Danny. He asks her out for lunch, but she quickly changes the subject and walks away. Danny calls to her, begging for her to go out with him, but she doesn't look back. After they have wrapped up their case, Lindsay is walking through the halls alone, until Danny quickly catches up with her, wanting a word. He tells her that they have a chemistry, and that they're into each other. When Lindsay doesn't reply, Danny gets worried that she doesn't feel the same way. She tells him that she can't be in a relationship with him at the moment, but she likes him a lot. Danny begins to fumble over his words, saying that he just wants to have some drinks, dinner, and some laughs with her. But she still turns him down. Lindsay tells him that something is affecting her that she thought she had put behind her, and that she needs to be by herself at the moment. While she's walking away, Danny shouts to her, "If there's anything you need just let me know. Okay?" Lindsay doesn't turn around, but walks out of sight, leaving a heartbroken Danny.

Danny and Lindsay - CSI: NY | CSI: New York3x05 (Oedipus Hex): Danny and Lindsay work together on this case which involves the Suicide Girls. Unlike any other case they have worked on together, this one is all business, and hasn't any little flirtatious moments thrown in. When Danny asks Lindsay if she could go and talk to the dead girl's mother, she freaks out and asks why she has to do it. Danny, oblivious to what's wrong with her, talks to the mother instead. Once he leaves, Lindsay feels bad for shouting at him, and is also upset about her past, which we still don't know about. At the end, Danny is heading over to speak to the mother again, and to give her a video tape her daughter made, but Lindsay comes up behind him, takes the tape, and says it's her turn.

3x10 (Sweet 16): Lindsay and Danny are working separate cases, but on her case, Lindsay is bitten by a snake. Danny later asks Mac how she's doing.

3x11 (Raising Shane): When Sheldon Hawkes is arrested for a murder he didn't commit, the team must watch from "the other side of the tape". Danny and Lindsay have a little talk, but not about their complicated relationship. Things don't seem as awkward between them anymore. Once realizing that Hawkes was set up by a man named Shane, who we met earlier on in the season, Danny is asked to go in and meet him alone.

3x12 (Silent Night): Nothing about Dantana, but Lindsay's past is now revealed. This affects her work because at the beginning of the episode, she leaves the scene of the crime. Later on, she breaks down in the morgue, mumbling, "Why was I the only one?" because the victim appeared to have been shot with a shotgun, it brings back horrible memories of a crime that she survived when she was 14 years old. She was the only survivor of a multiple murder, one in which 3 of her friends were killed.

3x14 (The Lying Game): Lindsay informs Mac that she is leaving New York to go back to Montana to testify about the murder of her friends. While she is doing this, Danny is waiting by the elevator, looking on, and wondering what is going on with Lindsay. She says goodbye to everyone, but is unable to say goodbye to Danny because of her feelings towards him. Instead, she leaves him a card saying:
"Danny, I'm not good at long goodbye's, or short ones for that matter.
But Montana calls and the cows are heading home.
See you soon.
On the other side of the card it says "You're in my thoughts." This leaves Danny with a huge smile on his face. Later, when Lindsay is just leaving for the airport, she sees him while she is sitting in the taxi. She asks the driver to stop, and she watches Danny head into the lab. Once he is out of sight, she sighs, sits back in her seat and drives away.

3x18 (Sleight Out Of Hand): Since Lindsay has Danny and Lindsay - CSI: NY | CSI: New Yorkbeen gone, Danny has been working very hard and becoming very tired. He can't concentrate, and while in the lab he sees Lindsay. She's walking down the hall, and she smiles at him. Danny gets all excited and smiles back, but he soon realizes it wasn't Lindsay, but a lab tech. He soon stops smiling and sits back in his seat, mumbling that he's losing his mind. After being sent home by Mac, Danny enters his apartment and looks around. He says, "Go with your instincts" and immediately leaves. Later on, we see Lindsay sitting on the stand, continuing her testimony again, after breaking down the first time. Soon, someone walks through the court room doors. It's Danny! She smiles at him, and they share a quick moment. Him being there helps her to continue. Once her friend's killer is found guilty, Danny and Lindsay, who were holding hands, and Lindsay's head was on his shoulder, share a hug. They continue to hold hands, and as Danny is leading her out of the court room, Lindsay pulls him back. She smiles up at him, and he smiles back. Lindsay and Danny are about to share in their first kiss when a group of reporters come in and start snapping photos. The two just smile, and walk away hand-in-hand.

3x19 (A Daze Of Wine And Roaches): Danny and Lindsay are back to their usual flirting, and friendly bantering. They work a case together where there are stolen glances and little touches going on. There's also a lot of smiling.

3x21 (Past Imperfect): Some cheeky comments from Danny, which leave Lindsay smiling.

3x24 (Snow Day): Danny and Lindsay have finally moved forward. After two years of flirting, and months of being nothing but co-workers, Danny and Lindsay have a date (one in which the audience gets to see). Lindsay comes to Danny's apartment, where they play some pool, and have some drinks. Lindsay is beating Danny in pool, and he is convinced that she will not make the winning shot. She believes she will, and bets him that she'll sink it. Winning the game, Lindsay turns to Danny and says that he owes her. Danny tells Lindsay that she'll have to wait till payday, but she won't hear of it. Lindsay tells Danny seductively that he either give her the money now, or come up with something better. She pulls him into a passionate kiss, and removes his shirt. Danny removes Lindsay's shirt and the two end up making love on Danny's pool table. In the morning, when the two wake up in each others arms, Lindsay tells Danny that she had a dream that she woke up and he was gone and that he left a note. Danny jokes that he couldn't go anywhere because they are in his apartment. They chuckle, and Danny says he is glad that this has happened between them and then kisses her on the forehead. Lindsay says she's happy too, kisses him on the chest and goes back to sleep. A few hours later, finally togetherLindsay wakes up and Danny is nowhere to be seen. She is late for her shift, which Danny was supposed to wake her for, and starts running around, gathering her clothes and getting dressed. Once she enters the kitchen, she sees a note that Danny has left for her:

"Montana. Don't freak out, although I'm sure
you already have. We're trading shifts.
I got you covered. Enjoy your Snow Day.
Lindsay smiles, and smells a flower that Danny left her. Little does she know that Danny has been taken hostage. In the end, Danny is saved, but badly beaten. Lindsay helps him from the truck he was in and leads him to EMS, saying she is sorry. Danny is confused by her apology, but she tells him he shouldn't have been there because he took her shift. Danny just looks at her, and the two walk away together.

Season 4

Danny and Lindsay - CSI: NY | CSI: New York 4x01 (Can You Hear Me Now?): Danny and Lindsay are working on a big case on the Statue of Liberty. Later on, in the lab, we see Lindsay put condom spray in Danny's pocket."Haha" he says.

4x02 (The Deep): Danny and Hawkes are under the ocean collecting evidence and Hawkes gets stuck and loses his oxygen. Lindsay is watching and she looks scared. Danny then saves Hawkes' life and later, at the lab, Lindsay tells Danny that Hawkes was lucky to have him there. Danny looks at Lindsay and she smiles. Danny tells Lindsay to stop goofing off because they have work to do.

4x03 (You Only Die Once): There is a funny exchange between Danny and Lindsay when they compare the Batmobile vs. Mach 5 Speed Racer (as seen below):

Danny: Speed Racer’s Mach 5 does not come close to the Batmobile, end of story.
Lindsay: Are you kidding me? The Mach 5 had submersible capabilites and a robotic homing pigeon.
Danny: Yeah, so did the Batmobile. Along with rocket boosters and armor plating.
Lindsay: Mach 5, rotary saw.
Danny: A’ right, Montana. Did Speed Racer’s, uh, Mach 5 have a field forensics kit?
Lindsay: The Batmobile did not have a field forensics kit.
Danny: In the Batmobile’s trunk it did.
Lindsay: That explains so much.

Danny and Lindsay - CSI: NY | CSI: New York
4x06 (Boo): This episode, which aired on Halloween, was based on the "Amityville Horror". Danny and Lindsay are working on this case at a haunted house. We see Lindsay call Danny when she feels scared, and of course he comes. When Lindsay says that someone else was in the house,and the sheriff does not believe her, she becomes mad and Danny tries to calm her down. He says, "Lindsay, HON." I think this is the first time Danny has used an endearment term with Lindsay other than "Montana".

4x07 (Commuted Sentences): Lindsay and Danny seem to be close to each other as they work this case. They are trying to recreate the crime scene with Lindsay acting as the victim and Danny acting as the suspect. Lindsay pokes Danny on his waist, to which he replies, "That's too low, wiseass" and corrects the level her hand is at.

4x10 (The Thing About Heroes): While working on the 333 caller, Lindsay points out to Danny that no woman wakes up in the middle of the night at 3:33 to make a phone call. Then Danny asks her if she is sure about this.

4x11 (Child's Play): In this episode everything between Danny and Lindsay starts to go downhill because Danny blames himself when a kid, Ruben Sandoval, in Danny's apartment is killed. When Lindsay tries to comfort Danny, he pushes her away. Lindsay tells Mac that she is not good at this, so Mac tells Lindsay to tell Danny that she is not good at this.

Danny and Lindsay - CSI: NY | CSI: New York4x13 (All in the Family): Lindsay is worried about Danny because he is supposed to be at work, but he is not there, so Lindsay asks Flack for help to find Danny. While Lindsay was working, Mac comes in and asks were Danny is because his shift started 2 hours ago. Lindsay covers for Danny and says that he got hit with the flu and he took medicine and it knocked him out. Mac said it was kind of sudden but Lindsay says he got it a few days ago. Mac tells Lindsay that he hopes Danny gets better and that Lindsay should make sure she doesn't catch what Danny's got. Flack finds Danny, who is looking for Rikki Sandoval, Ruben's mom. She had stolen Danny's gun in order to kill the guy who is responsible for her son's death. Flack and Danny find Rikki and manage to convince her not to shoot Ollie Barnes (the guy who killed Ruben). Flack is going to bring Rikki in because she stole Danny's gun, but Danny refuses, saying he wants to take Rikki home, so Flack tells Danny that he should be at his desk in 1 hour, with Rikki. Danny comes through and brings Rikki in, and Flack promises that she won't spend a night in jail. Danny says that Flack should mind his own business but Flack says it's his business because he is Danny's friend and he should stop blaming himself for Ruben's death. To this, Danny replies, "How? How can I do that?".

4x14 (Playing with Matches): Both Lindsay and Danny work together and they seem friendly, but more professional and when Lindsay says "steel balls," Danny gives her a look and she raises her eye (cute).

4x15 (DOA For A Day): In this episode we find out that Danny has forgotten Lindsay's birthday and he has an excuse, "Guys don't remember that sort of thing. They remember sports dates and steak sides" Lindsay says, "Steak sides? You are so busted." After that they continue to work on the case but Lindsay seems disappointed.

4x16 (Right Next Door): There was a fire at Stella's apartment and Lindsay was working with Mac at the scene. After a while she calls Danny, who is at his apartment, getting stuff from the fridge, getting ready to make an omelet. Lindsay asks Danny if he would like to have lunch before his shift because it's her turn to buy, but he says he needs to run to the bank, go to the drycleaner, and take his bike to the shop. 0010.jpgLindsay asks if everything is okay, and Danny says nothing is wrong and he will see her at work and then he hangs up the phone. Then Rikki Sandoval comes out of Danny's bedroom, wearing his shirt, and tells him that, "Maybe she will take a rain check on Messer's famous omelet," but Danny tells her she can't pass on the omelet. She insists that she has to go and that last night was just sex. Danny walks up to her and starts to kiss her. She feels she is taking advantage of him because of Ruben's death, but Danny says he doesn't care. She insists that she has to go, but Danny says before she goes, he needs his shirt back, since she is wearing it. Then he starts to open the buttons on the shirt and they start kissing and that leads into another round of sex. At the lab, we see Mac, Hawkes and Lindsay talking about the case, and then Lindsay sees Danny coming, so Mac suggests that Lindsay should catch Danny up with the case. When Mac leaves, Lindsay hands Danny the case file and says, "Why don't you start by reading this," in an angry tone, and walks away. Danny and Hawkes then look at Lindsay as she walks away. Some time later, we see them both talking on the phone, working on the case. (The conversation between the two is right below). Lindsay tells Danny that she is not mad at him, but she is mad at herself because she has fallen in love with him, and now she must figure out how to let that go. Danny remains speechless as she walks out of the room. (It's clear by the look on his face that he feels guilty). Later, Lindsay is working on a piece of evidence on the computer where she has a lead and she is explaining it to Stella and Danny. While explaining what she had found out with the evidence, she does not look at Danny at all. She only looks at Stella. Danny tries to talk to her, but she won't listen to him. When Stella leaves them alone to wait for the evidence results, Danny looks at Lindsay and says "Lindsay, I'm sorry, We should talk." At this point, Lindsay finally looks at him, but then the evidence results come in, so Lindsay sends Danny to get Stella.

Danny and Lindsay - CSI: NY | CSI: New York
Lindsay and Danny are talking on the phone, working on a case, and Danny keeps looking at Lindsay. Then they both hang up the phone.
Danny: I'm a gonna get some coffee? You want some coffee?
Lindsay: No.....thanks
Danny: (looks at her then smiles) How long are you gonna stay mad at me, Linds?
Lindsay: Oh, is this what this is? Me mad at you?
Danny: Is this is still about missing your birthday? (Lindsay looks at him) Look, I didn't wanna go to lunch yesterdayDanny and Lindsay - CSI: NY | CSI: New York. Why do you gotta make such a big deal about this?
Lindsay: Do me a favor, Danny. Don't reduce me to some shallow clingy girlfriend that's trying to suffocate you, okay? That's not what this is about. Ever since Ruben Sandoval died, I feel like I have lost my best friend. Don't mistake this for jealousy, okay? I know how it feels to lose someone you care about, to see them one day and to not see them the next, and you know you are never gonna see them again. I will never expect you not to grieve, but clearly you have just decided to do it on your own (Danny is not looking at Lindsay). Okay I get it, (stands up). My mistake for thinking you might need someone to lean on, and for the record I'm not mad at you. (Danny looks at Lindsay). I'm mad at myself BECAUSE I'VE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH YOU AND NOW I HAVE TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO LET THAT GO. (Lindsay walks out of the room and leaves Danny speechless, and from the look on his face, he feels guilty).

4x17 (Like Water For Murder): There was awkward moment between Danny and Lindsay. Danny says they should rent a movie which they were both quoting, but all Lindsay says is, "This is hard" and she walks away, leaving a piece of evidence unattended. The inspector accrediting the lab sees this and tells Mac. When Mac confronts Lindsay about leaving the evidence she says, "Danny was right there" but quickly says that that was a stupid excuse and that she is sorry, But Mac tells Lindsay he is more concerned about her, and all she says is that she is fine, and it was a bad and stupid idea to get involved with a person she works with, and then she walks away.

4x19 (Personal Foul): When they finish collecting evidence from Sid, Danny tries to talk to Lindsay but she says they have work to do. So he suggests she tell him when she wants to talk and she says, "Honestly, I don't know." After working on a case together, Danny calls Lindsay. (The conversation0264.jpg between the two is right below). Danny calls Lindsay to say that he is sorry and that he misses her. Lindsay says, "Do you know how hard it is to love you?", so he suggests that she should come over to his apartment and tell him in person. She pauses, says she has to go, and hangs up the phone. Danny then hears a knock on his door, and upon opening it, sees Rikki Sandoval standing there. Danny starts to tell her that she was right about the thing between them and that it was a bad idea. Rikki then tells him that she is moving because she needs a fresh start.


Lindsay is walking in the rain and then her phone begins to ring. It's Danny. She answers her phone...
Lindsay: Hey
Danny: Hey. Where are you?
Lindsay: I'm taking a rain walk. It's a Montana thing. You wouldn't understand.
Danny: Maybe I would, maybe there are a lot of things I understand now.
Lindsay: Yeah? Like what?
Danny: How Danny and Lindsay - CSI: NY | CSI: New Yorksorry I am for pushing you away.
Lindsay: Danny, I tried to give you your space. I don't know how much longer I can do this. It's messing with my work. It's breaking my heart.
Danny: Yeah, I know, I know, I do. I swear to God it won't
happen again. The truth is, the truth is, I MISS YOU. I MISS YOU MORE THAN I CAN SAY, EVEN IF I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SAY IT.


Danny: (smiles) Why don't you come on over and tell me in person....PLEASE?
Lindsay: (long pause) I gotta go (and she hangs up the phone).

4x20 (Taxi): In this episode, Hawkes calls Lindsay "Montana", and she says she hasn't heard that in a while and Hawkes apologizes, but then she says she kind of misses being called Montana. (This is a sign that she misses Danny.)

4x21 (Hostage): Nothing really happens between them except we see them staring at each other a lot.

Season 5

5x07 (Dead Inside): This is the first time this season we see Danny and Lindsay, joking around and teasing each other. They are both working on the same case. They seem to be close and they are very friendly with each other. Lindsay even calls Danny a "show-off" because he comes to the crime scene with a speed boat, and Lindsay came over with the Coast Guard. Later on, when Lindsay is trying to figure out the mystery of the QuickScan bar code, and cannot figure it out, she gets frustrated. When Flack and Danny come to see why she is so frustrated, she asks, "Whose stupid idea was this?" and Danny says "Yours."

5x09 (The Box): The episode opens up with Danny telling a story. Ten years ago his baseball career ended after his wrist was shattered. Then he flashes back to the case they are working on a few days earlier. When Lindsay brings the evidence she found to Danny, he says, "I called you last night." Lindsay gives him an apologetic look and says that she went to bed really early. Then we are back to Danny's story, (apparently he is telling the story to Mr. and Mrs. Harris, but we don't know that yet). Mrs. Harris asks, "Is this the woman you are talking about?" and Danny says, "Yeah, her name is Lindsay Monroe. She is from Montana. Her father goDanny and Lindsay - CSI: NY | CSI: New Yorkt her a fly-fishing rod for her 8th birthday and a buck knife for her 9th birthday. He smiles and giggles while saying this. He then says that he has never been with a girl like that before and Mr. Harris asks if that's a good thing and Danny smiles and says, "Absolutely". We then flashback to the case and we see that Lindsay and Danny discover a live man who was locked in the trunk. Later, during the case Danny and Stella go to question a doctor at a health center because the victim had the doctor's business card in her pocket. Anyway, we see Lindsay enter the health center and when she sees Danny (he looks shocked), she rushes away before he could ask her what she was doing there. After running after but missing her, Stella asks Danny if he was alright, and he just tells her that he thought he saw someone he knew. Then we are back to Danny's story, so Mrs. Harris asks him why he lied to Stella, and Danny said that it's because he didn't know what was going on. Lindsay had told him she was taking a few hours off from work to go look at a sublet in Brooklyn, and she has never lied to him before. We flash back to the case, and at the Lab we see Danny looking at the elevator doors, obviously waiting for Lindsay and when Mac comes and asks him what he found on the DNA he was testing, he is not even paying attention. Apparently Hawkes and Sid found out that the victim was pregnant at the time of death and her baby was cut out of her, but they don't know the name of the victim yet. Anyway Lindsay finally arrives (what they talk about is right below).

Lindsay is walking down the hallway and Danny is trying to catch up with her.
Danny: Lindsay, wait up.
Lindsay: Danny, hey. I can't talk right now. (They enter the locker room and Lindsay opens her locker).
Danny: Whats going on?
Lindsay: What do you mean?
Danny: (comes close to her) Come on, Lindsay. I saw you today at the health center. Are you sick?
Lindsay: (closes her locker) Danny, you should get back to work.
Danny: (holds Lindsay and looks at her) No, no, you should talk to me.
Lindsay: (sighs) I...ah...I.. (covers her mouth and goes to the bathroom to puke).
Danny: What's the matter? Are you ok? (goes after her) Lindsay, hey. (bangs on the door of the bathroom) What the hell is going on?
We go back to Danny telling his story and he says, "The truth is, I can't really blame her for not saying anything. See, a while ago, I messed up, alright. I was with another woman. I didn't say anything, but she knew, I think she knew, you know? A couple of months later, we get back together and things haven't really been the same, and now this. We flash back to Danny, who is waiting for Lindsay to come out of the bathroom.
(Lindsay comes out of the bathroom)Danny and Lindsay - CSI: NY | CSI: New York
Danny: Are you okay? Are you alright? (she nods her head).
Lindsay: (walks to her locker and faces Danny) (she sighs) I'M PREGNANT.
Danny: Are you sure? (She looks at him and then gives him an ultrasound pic. He takes it and looks at it, and smiles) How long have you known?
Lindsay: A few weeks (A lab tech enters the locker room, they both remain silent) I should get back to work (leaves the locker room).
Danny: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Why didn't you tell me? Look, you can't just drop this on me and walk away. Please!
Lindsay: Danny, I know you.
Danny: You know-- What is that supposed to mean?
Lindsay: It just means that I'm not expecting anything. (Then Lindsay sees the FasScan photo of the Vic that they are trying to identify and sighs) Who is that?
Danny: That's our vic (Danny looks at her).
Lindsay: I think I know her. Her name is Nicole Harris. I met her at the health center when I first had my appointment.
Danny and Lindsay - CSI: NY | CSI: New York
Then we get a flashback of Lindsay and Nicole talking at the health center. We find out that Nicole was almost 8 months pregnant and she just moved here from Albany. So Lindsay told her that they should trade numbers because she knows how it feels to be in a new city. Back to the present, Lindsay and Danny go back to the locker room so that she can give Danny Nicole's number. Danny takes the number and says he will get Flack to contact her parents. Then he leaves without saying anything. (Lindsay watches him leave). We later see Danny watching the interrogation of Nicole's parents, and then we see him staring at the ultrasound pic. When Hawkes comes to talk to Danny, he tells him, "I heard Lindsay identified the FasScan photo." Then we flash back to Danny's Story, Mr'. Harris asked him what he said, so he replies, "I lied. I told him Lindsay was at the health center to get a flu shot." Then we flash back to Danny talking to Hawkes. Danny says, "What a coincidence". We later see Danny taking a ride on his motorcycle through Manhattan to clear his head. He smiles when he is thinking of Lindsay. Later, Danny goes and talks to Mr. and Mrs. Harris, and tells them that Child Services would be there to bring Nicole's baby soon, so he decides to sit down across from them. He looks tired, so Mr. Harris asks him, "Are you okay, son? Do you have any kids?" Then we cut back to Danny's story. It is revealed to the audience that Danny was telling his story to Mr. and Mrs. Harris. So Danny says, "Look what I have unloaded the two of you with. You asked a simple question". So Mrs. Harris asks him, "If you don't mind my asking, what's going to happen now?" and Danny replies that he does not know. So Mr. Harris gives him some advice, "Whatever you do, do not allow yourself any regrets." Lindsay then comes to tell Mr. and Mrs. Harris that Child Services is here. When she sees Danny, she stops and they look at each other before she approaches them. Danny introduces Lindsay to the Harris', who wish both of them good luck. Lindsay looks surprised and confused so she just stares at Danny. We see them both standing side-by-side, watching Mr. and Mrs. Harris with their grandson. The last thing we see is Danny and Lindsay's hands nearly touching each other.

5x10 (The Triangle): Danny is walking down the street on his phone, talking to Lindsay. She says she thought he was supposed to be in already because he is supposed to be working the night shift. He explains that they turned the Q train into an express and forgot to tell the passengers, so he had to hop out at 34th and double-back. She says okay, but if Mac asks where he is, she "never heard of him." He then asks Lindsay how she is feeling, and the baby too. Lindsay replies "Good, she's good." Danny says, "She?" Lindsay laughs at this and tells him, "Or he. Relax, it's too early to tell." Then Danny tells Lindsay that he has something important to talk to her about. She says,
Danny and Lindsay - CSI: NY | CSI: New York "Okay. What is it?" but before Danny could say anything, the call is dropped. Later, Lindsay is working in the lab and she is looking at the labels of a whole bunch of chemicals and starting to get worried. When Stella walks into the lab, Lindsay asks her about safety precautions for a "pregnant friend from New Jersey" and Stella says that there are safety precautions, such as fume hoods, and face shields, that she can use. So Stella asks, "She's not alone, right? The baby has a father" and Lindsay replies, "Yeah, yeah and he's great. I just don't know how ready he was for any of this. Oh, it's complicated" and Stella says, "And beautiful. If your friend's coworkers are anything like your coworkers, they will work with her and even be happy for her. It's gonna be okay" and Lindsay just replies, "Thanks." Before Stella leaves, she turns back to Lindsay and tells her to tell her "friend" congratulations. Later, Lindsay goes outside to grab something to eat and Danny approaches her (what happens is below).

Danny asks Lindsay to Marry Him.........
Danny: (approaches Lindsay) I thought I saw you running for the exit.
Lindsay: (laughs) I'm starving, (getting a tea and donut) my O.B. says that I should pay attention to my cravings, no matter how inconvenient they are.
Danny: Yeah. Let me ask you something. Do you have any history of hereditary disease in your family?
Lindsay: (laughs) No, do you?
Danny: No, no, no, Mental illness?
Danny and Lindsay - CSI: NY | CSI: New York
Lindsay: No
Danny: Uh, how about addictive tendencies? Extra fingers? Extra toes?
Lindsay: No, no
Danny: Natural delivery or drugs?

Lindsay: Ah, either
Danny: Boy or girl?
Lindsay: Healthy
Lindsay: (surprised) NO (she then walks away, leaving a dejected Danny).
Danny and Lindsay - CSI: NY | CSI: New York

After they are finished working the case, we see Danny and Lindsay walking together.
Danny: So, you wanna uh, you wanna tell me why you won't marry me?
Lindsay: I didn't mean I won't. I just think it's the wrong time.
Danny: Wrong time. Wrong time or the wrong guy?
Lindsay: (sighs) Danny, (he stops and they face each other) I know I have thrown a lot at you, and we are both feeling really overwhelmed, but whatever we do next, I want it to be for the right reason. Wouldn't you rather walk down the aisle than be pushed?
Danny: Of course.
Lindsay: Ok, cause listen, I'm not going anywhere, and I know you're not going anywhere either, okay, but this is not just about you and I anymore. So let's just take baby steps, okay?
Danny: Okay. So, look, before we go inside, I wanna just tell you one more thing, okay (holds Lindsay) I just want you to know, THAT I LOVE YOU.
Lindsay: (smiles) I LOVE YOU TOO, DANNY (Danny smiles).
So we see them entering Mac's office and they tell him that they are pregnant. Mac smiles widely and hugs them both.

5x11 (The Forbidden Fruit): Danny and Adam are talking about some evidence and Danny tells Adam that ifDanny and Lindsay - CSI: NY | CSI: New York he figures out the connection between the evidence and the case, Danny will buy him a beer, but Adam replies that the beer will be on him because Danny has some big expenses coming up. Danny says, "Oh yeah? What, diapers? How much can diapers cost?" Adam tells him to look at the big picture, "Because the cost of raising a kid from birth till 18, is like 150G's, and that's not including college." Danny asks Adam he knows that and Adam replies that his dad reminded him everyday. So he advises Danny to keep all the cash he has. Then Adam sees Lindsay approaching them and he tells Danny that, "Combining your income can be less painful." Lindsay says hi to Adam and he leaves. Lindsay tells Danny that she thought he was going to search the 1st victim's apartment. He replies that he was already done there and then replies that the next place they'll search is the 2nd victim's apartment and that hopefully they'll find a primary crime scene there. Then he asks Lindsay, "How we feeling?" Lindsay replies that she is good and then says that she thought she felt a kick this morning. So Danny asks in an excited voice, "Really!" and takes her hand and says, "Come here." He takes her aside and puts his hand on Lindsay's bump. Then Lindsay tells him that the kicking has stopped, so he tells her that the next time it happens she should find him. Then they both hold their baby bump and smile.

5x12 (Help): There are 2 really cute moments in this episode. The first moment happens when the team is discussing the case in a team meeting. Although both victims are from separate cases, they were both raped by the same guy, which turns out to be an interesting coincidence. When the team is discussing how often coincidences happen, Lindsay pipes up with the following fact, "Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin died on the same day, 50 years after signing the Declaration of Independence." Danny then gives her an incredulous look. After the team meeting is over, Lindsay says the following, "In 1975, a man driving a moped was struck and killed by a taxi driver in Bermuda. One year later, the victim's brother was also killed, the same way even, with the exact same taxi, same taxi driver, and the same passenger." Later on, Sid states another coincidence to Danny, "Mark Twain was born on the same day that Halley's Comet first appeared, and he died on the same day of Halley's Comet next appearance, 75 years later." Danny turns to Sid and says, "You been hanging out with Lindsay, Sid?" Sid replies,"Huh?" These two moments show Danny's sense of humor and the type of wit he carries.

5x14 (She's Not There): The only moment here is when Sid and Lindsay are talking to Mac about the broken piece of the lip ring that Sid took out of the victim's knuckle and the plum blossom trace that Danny found in the hilt of the knife used to kill the victim. When Mac asks where to find plum blossoms in the dead of winter in New York City, Sid replies that they can be found on Canal Street and that they are used at this time of year in Chinatown, in celebration of Chinese New Year. Sid then tells Mac to have a Happy New Year in Chinese. Lindsay responds with, "Year of the Ox" and pats her huge belly.

5x15 (The Party's Over): Every cop is calling in "sick" because the city cannot pay them because they don’t have the money. So the NYPD are on strike. Danny is one of them. He has the "flu". When Hawkes and Lindsay are working at the lab, Hawkes gets a call that he has to testify in Danny’s place because Danny was supposed to be in court today, and he can't be there because he is "sick". The case eventually gets thrown out of court because Hawkes can't answer the questions. Hawkes tells Lindsay he personally thinks that what Danny is doing is selfish, and that he cannot afford to get suspended when he and Lindsay are expecting a baby, but she defends Danny's decision, calling it, "Commitment." Later Stella goes to see Danny because she was pissed off at him. She tells Danny they threw out the case because Hawkes could not provide the kind of answers the court needed to hear, because Hawkes was not working the case. Danny tells her that he knows, but that the NYPD deserve to be paid. Stella then says she understands and she mentions that there is a ton of work to do at the lab, and says, "Thank God for Lindsay. She's a real trooper". Danny then says, "Yeah, she is. She's been calling me every other hour, but I have to cough every time I answer the phone, in case it's not her."

Danny and Lindsay - CSI: NY | CSI: New York
5x16 (No Good Deed): Lindsay is doing lab work, and Danny is reading the baby a Flash Gordon story from a comic book while waiting for some fingerprint and DNA results (the interaction between Danny and the baby is below). We also find out in this episode that Lindsay is 7 months pregnant because Danny says that he is, "2 months away from fatherhood."

Danny: "Stop where you are."
That's Flash saying that, and right beside him is the Green Lantern. He is lookin' all rough and tough and green. "Surrender or we'll be forced to take action." (the computer starts to beep.)
Lindsay: (looking over at the computer) Looks like you've got a match, superhero.
Danny: Alright kiddo, I'll be back (he kisses Lindsay's belly a couple of times before going over to the computer, Lindsay then giggles and looks very happy).

5x17 (Green Piece):
After 3 years of flirting, skirting and chasing each other, Danny and Lindsay finally tied the knot! There were some really great scenes in this episode. The first one was at the beginning when Danny wouldn't allow Lindsay to visit the crime scene, due to the fumes from the blast and dust from the house. Then Danny asks Lindsay if she's excited to be visiting Montana, Lindsay says that she is, and that she's looking forward to her mom seeing her pregnant. Then Lindsay starts talking about the baby and says that if the baby is a girl, she can't wait to see their daughter pregnant. Danny caresses her belly and says, "If this is a girl, no guy's gettin' close enough to her to get her pregnant." Then he smiles a wide, humorous grin at Lindsay as he is about to leave in the elevator. Danny and Lindsay - CSI: NY | CSI: New YorkThe next part was when Lindsay and Sid are in the morgue, discussing Sid's findings, and Sid asks her about how she's feeling about visiting Montana. Sid starts to talk about the benefits of going to Montana, no bodies at 3 am, no double shifts with no sleep, no slice of pizza on the run. To this, Lindsay quips about all the symptoms of pregnancy, constipation, swelling of the feet, help getting up from a chair, and constant urination. When asked if he wants to switch, Sid replies that he already has all of that he just wants the time off. The next part was the scene with Mac and Danny in Mac's office. As Danny and Mac are discussing the case, Mac notices that Danny is distracted when Lindsay walks by. Mac says, "Lindsay will be back before you know it, Danny." Danny still seems distracted and starts the ball rolling by telling Mac that he asked Lindsay to marry him before (see 5x10-"The Triangle) and that she said no. Danny tells Mac that she thought he proposed just because she was pregnant. To this, Mac replies, "Is she right?" Here, Danny starts to waver, saying, "No, I mean, I...I don't know, Mac." Obviously Danny is feeling a little nervous about the changes in his life that are about to occur and is scared that he will disappoint Lindsay and his child. He continues with, "I love her, I do, I know that, but I just know myself, and I don't want to disappoint her, or the kid." Mac then talks about his life with Claire, and how he never had the chance to become a father. Mac wasn't in a hurry to have kids because he didn't want to disappoint Claire, or himself, and that is something that he will always regret. Danny is obviously still a little shaky, so Mac tells him, "God brought you and Lindsay together. I believe that. You have been blessed with a gift, the greatest gift that life has to offer. You can choose to live in a place of fear or you can believe in the best version of yourself." Danny thanks him for his advice and gets up to leave the office. As Danny is heading out the door, Mac says, "You're gonna make a great father, Danny." To this, Danny smiles, and then leaves Mac's office.Danny and Lindsay - CSI: NY | CSI: New York Finally, THE BEST SCENE EVER, Danny takes Lindsay to the clerk's office, wanting to surprise her. He tells her that she needs to meet up with a couple of "friends". When they finally stop walking, they're outside the clerk's office with a sign that says "Marriage Licenses." Lindsay starts to waver and says, "Danny." Then Danny says, "I'm tired of feeling afraid, alright? You and me? We make sense, k? You're everything I've always wanted. I wanna be with you. And I can be the guy that you want me to be. I know I can. I am that guy." Lindsay then replies with, "I know you are." Danny then continues with, "Then let's walk through this door together. Come on, let's do it. Let's take that leap." Lindsay and Danny then share an extra-long kiss (one that was long overdue, considering that last time we saw these two kiss on the lips was in 3x24 "Snow Day"), after which, Lindsay asks, "You got a money order?" and then they hug and kiss again. As they walk into the clerk's office, they see the "friends" they're supposed to meet, it's Mac and Stella! When Stella hands Lindsay white flowers, Lindsay whispers to Stella, "What if I said no?" but Stella cuts her off by saying, "Not a chance" and Lindsay smiles. Mac hands Danny the box containing the ring. As the marriage vows begin, the viewers are taken through a flashback of Danny and Lindsay's history, right from the first time they met in 2x03 "Zoo York" to 5x11 "The Forbidden Fruit." The icing on the cake, however, was the fact that the wedding vows were interwoven throughout the flashback. So that even as we were viewing their history, we could hear each of them take their vows.

5x18 (Point of No Return): There were a couple of noteworthy scenes in this episode. The first one is when Mac asks Danny how Lindsay is doing. Danny replies that she said, "She looks like a whale, and is bored. She also said she found a dead beaver on her parents' property, and that she was tempted to rope it off with crime scene tape and start processing." The second one is when Danny is involved in a gunfight. Later on after, he kills the suspect, in self-defense. Danny looks at his hands, not believing that the suspect has just died in his arms. The third one is when Danny goes to the washroom, back at the lab. When he looks at himself in the mirror, he realizes how close he came to dying, and not being able to take care of his wife and his child. After looking at his hands and noticing there is blood on his wedding ring, the first thing he does is clean the blood off. Then he gets a call from Lindsay, and he answers the phone with, "Hey, babe" asks her how she's doing, and proceeds to tell her that things are the same as ever in NYC. He's obviously holding back the fact that he nearly died in a shoot-out with a suspect.

Danny's smile upon learning he has a daughter coming into his life5x19 (Communication Breakdown): Throughout the whole episode Danny is trying out boy names for the baby, Louie, Clemenza, and Alphonse, these 3 coming from Danny's family, as well as Amos (Daniel Messer) and Kurt. At one point, Danny and Stella are searching the chief's hotel room and he is considering "Amos Daniel Messer" and Stella says, "Danny, at some point you might want to consider the possibility that you and Lindsay could have a girl." Danny says it isn't possible because his mother had 2 boys, and that her mother had 3 boys, so he's positive that he's going to have a boy. Later, at the end of the night, Adam, Hawkes, Flack, Stella, Mac, and Danny are all crowded around a table, laughing and listening to Danny suggest baby boy names. Then he gets a text from Lindsay telling him that she is, "Fine and so is the baby GIRL in her belly." They then congratulate Danny on the news that he's having a DAUGHTER!

Danny Finds Out He Is Having A Daughter!
(Mac and Stella hear laughing and find the gang surrounding Danny).
Mac: Don't tell me we're still playing the name game...
Danny: It's a process...
Flack: We went from John, Paul, George, and Ringo, to Tom, Dick, and Harry.
Stella: Why don't we throw Mac into the mix?
Adam: (laughs) Mac!... hahaha...(Mac looks at him disapprovingly) Actually, Mac's a great name. I like your name. (Danny's phone rings, and he reads an incoming text message off to the side).
Danny: Mac's no good. That was Lindsay.
Stella: Is she alright?
Danny: Yeah, she's fine...and so is the baby girl in her belly.
Don, Sheldon, and Adam: OOOHH! (Everyone congratulates Danny. Stella kisses his head).

5x22 (Yahrzeit): Danny is suspended for two weeks and when he tells Mac he says, "The upside of being suspended for 2 weeks is being able to spend time with my new wife before the little bambino arrives." To this, Mac replies, "That's probably a good idea."

5x23 (Greater Good): First we see Lindsay searching the lab and when she finds Adam she asks where Danny is. When he says that he is out, as well as Stella and Mac, she
Adam in shock!
tells Adam to get a set of keys and meet her downstairs in 5 minutes because her water just broke. You then see Lindsay smiling and going to get her suitcase to go to the hospital.

Lindsay goes into labor!
(Lindsay is looking around when she bumps into Adam).
Lindsay: Adam, have you seen Danny?
Adam: He left about 20 minutes ago with Doc to a crime scene on the upper west side.
Lindsay: What about Stella or Mac?
Adam: Stella's in court and the boss took the day off. Yeah. Can you believe it? Mac never takes a day off. I don't think there has been one day since I've worked here that he hasn't showed up and he's like, "Hey I'm not coming in." You know? All though he did go to London that one time but I don't...
Lindsay: Okay Adam enough!

Adam: What?
Lindsay: I just got back from Montana, I...I'm not ready to deal with you. (sighs) This is not how I imagined it.
Adam: What?
Lindsay: (grabs Adam's shirt) I need you to focus Adam.
Adam: Okay.
Lindsay: Go get a set of key's to a car, any car, meet me in the garage in five minutes. My water just broke. I'm about to go into labor and you are taking me to the hospital. Go!
Adam: (stunned) Oh...okay, okay! (runs off).
Lindsay: Adam...
Adam: Yeah, wrong way sorry. (turns around and runs the other way). Just relax. Everything's going to be okay!
(Lindsay walks over to get her suitcase and smiles, then starts waddling down the hallway). Lindsay smiling
Later, we see Danny and Hawkes speeding down the street going to the hospital. Danny is on the phone telling Lindsay to wait until he gets there and that he loves her. Once he rushes into the hospital he sees Lindsay being pushed into a room on a wheelchair.
Danny and Hawkes going to the hospital!
Danny: (has his cell phone to his ear) Why isn't she answering her phone? Doc take 57th right there it will be faster.
Hawkes: Danny I got this, I got this.
Danny: (looks irritated) Voicemail...again. (into phone) Baby, it's me, were close okay. Hold on 'til I get there, okay I don't want to miss this! I love you, I love you okay.
Hawkes: (swerving around a car) Hey! Watch out!
Danny: Up here! Right here Doc, Doc, Doc! Okay right there make a right, go around the corner and pull into emergency.
Hawkes: (pulls up next to the emergency entrance doors) Hey Danny, congrats brother.
Danny: Thanks Doc.
(Danny runs up the stairs and down the hall once in the main wing he sees Lindsay, he sighs, then smiles, relieved that he has arrived on time).
Lindsay: (looking relieved) Hi.
Lindsay is relieved that Danny is on time
Soon after, Lindsay and Stella are walking through the halls trying to get the baby to move faster. Lindsay is very worried about her capabilities as a mother and expresses her fears to Stella.
Lindsay fears her capabilities as a mother.
Lindsay: (walking down the hall) (sighs) Do they really think I am gonna just walk this baby right out of me? Why can't I be one of those women who just sneezes and before you can say God bless you, she's had the baby?
Stella: Think of what you'd miss out on, reminding your child of all those long painful hours of labor that you endured to bring them into this world.
Lindsay: I guess I could get some mileage out of that.
Stella: Uh huh.
Lindsay: I'm kinda scared, Stella.
Stella: Well, that's normal Lindsay. Just remember your healthy and strong. You and Danny went through all the courses...
Lindsay: I know I don't mean about having a baby, about being a mom. I mean what if I stink at it? And the worst part is I won't know until it is to late. She'll come home, she'll scream that she hates me, then in rebellion she'll get some part of her body pierced that's inappropriate. She'll get an infection, she'll wind up on antibiotics which we find out 12 years later they cause an eating disorder, and pretty soon I'm in therapy trying to save my whole family. I mean what if some people just aren't cut out to be parents? (She looks down at her enlarged stomach).
Stella: Well the fact that you already thought about all this, tells me that your gonna do just fine Linds.
Lindsay: I'm losing it, huh?
Stella: Yeah
Lindsay: (leans against wall): Oh, contraction, aghh.
Danny and Lindsay's daughter!
In another part of the hospital, Danny and Adam are also walking through the halls and Danny is afraid that Lindsay might have twins or something could go wrong with the birth while Adam comforts him.
Danny freaks out before the baby arrives.
Danny: (walking down another hall) What if she has twins Adam? You hear stories about people being completely surprised. And you've seen Lindsay, I mean she's huge.
Adam: Whoa.
Danny: She knows it.
Adam: Relax, you saw the ultrasound it's not twins. Alright? You gonna be okay?
Danny: No, no I'm not. I might go into cardiac arrest once she's giving birth. (his cell phone rings) Mac, your here! No, no she hasn't yet. Alright, were on the fourth floor.
Eventually, all the detectives (except Danny) go back to work on the case. At the end Mac receives a text from Danny saying, "It is time." We then see Lindsay pushing to get the baby out, and going through a very painful time. Danny is beside her holding her hand and encouraging her and keeps looking down to see the baby come out.

New parents!
Lindsay gives birth!
Lindsay: AHHHH!
Doctor: It's okay, that's okay, your doing great.
Danny: You can do it baby, good! (looks down to see if the baby is coming).
Lindsay: AGHHH!
Danny: Good! C'mon! Your doing great, your doing great!
Lindsay: AHHHH!
Danny: Good job! That's it baby, that's it sweetheart! Go ahead, c'mon! Push !
Doctor: Breathe.
Danny: C'mon!
Lindsay: AHHHH!
Doctor: Good job.
Danny: There she is! There she is! There she is!
Doctor: C'mon Lindsay keep it going, c'mon.
(the baby cries and Danny hugs Lindsay and smiles).

Finally, the whole cast (minus Sid and Angell) are gathered around Lindsay's hospital bed where she and Danny are admiring the baby. They soon hand her off to Stella, then Hawkes asks what the new baby's name is going to be. At the same time, Lindsay says Lydia while Danny says Lucy, and they just look at each other and smile. After passing the baby to Mac, Lindsay asks him if he would like to be the Godfather, and of course he accepts. Then Stella brings out a present and shows the happy new parents a cute little pink dress for the baby, as the camera slowly fades out.

The newest little Messer!
The team meets the new baby!
Stella: (getting passed the baby) Hello. Well hello sweetheart. Hi. Hello. Oh, Danny, I hate to admit it but she looks just like you.
Danny: Yes...that's right, she's a knockout.
Mac: How you holding up?
Lindsay: I'm great...but, uh, she's gonna be an only child because I'm never doing that again. (everyone chuckles).
Hawkes: Do you guys have a name?
Lindsay: Lydia.
Danny: Lucy.
Flack: I guess that's a no.
Danny: Mac, we did agree on one thing.
Lindsay: We were hoping you would consider being her Godfather.
Mac: Absolutely, yes.
Hawkes: Made him an offer he can't refuse.
Flack: There you go, Godfather, that's code word for diaper change. (everyone laughs again).New baby!!
Mac: (getting passed the baby) Whoa, whoa! Do I get to spoil her?
Hawkes: I think Danny's got that covered. (more laughter).
Stella: Oh! We forgot about the ohhs and ahhs. (grabs a present) Okay you guys ready? (pulls out a pink baby dress).
All: Ohhh!! (another present is pulled out) Ahhh!! (everyone starts talking to one another).
Stella: What do you think, baby girl? (fades out).

5x24 (Grounds For Deception): The baby is finally named, Lucy! She makes her first visit to the office and is a big hit. She adores one of the technicians, Blake, too much and that makes Danny jealous because he, "Is the only man in her life." So he goes to break up the visit and send the technicians off to work, as well as asking if Blake has any DNA to look at.
Danny Gets Jealous!
(Danny points the murder weapon like a sword towards Adam).
Adam: Whoa, easy there Priapus! You wouldn't want to hurt a mere mortal.
Danny: Pria...who?
Adam: Priapus. The male god of fertility.
Lindsay: (walks in) Oh that's what I call him.
Danny: That's right! (hugs Lindsay) Well my personal weapon aside I managed to piece together and analyze several remnants of a white substance Doc found at the scene. Looks like our murder weapon was concealed in plaster and it had an imprint. Adam, you score anything impressive?
Lucy's first day at work!Adam: As a matter of fact, ahh..no. The brown residue that Hawkes collected from the vics shirt, just turned out to be coffee grounds.
Danny: Huh. (looks at Lindsay) How's Lucy?
Lindsay: She's great, (points through the glass to the baby surrounded by the staff) her first visit to the lab is a big hit.
Danny: What a...what's Blake doing in there?
Lindsay: Oh, he is so good with babies, she adores him.
Danny: She doesn't adore him. The only man in her life is me.
Lindsay: Oh.
Danny: (goes over and knocks on the glass) Hey buddy, don't you have some DNA to look at? (Lindsay giggles and Danny goes into the other room).
Adam: Watch out Blake, here comes daddy!
Later, in the lab, when Lindsay is explaining what she found to Mac, he asks, "What are you doing here? Where is Lucy?" and she replies that Lucy is in ballistics and Lindsay is being paid to work part time and that she would leave soon. She just wanted to help with the case because "The lab would fall apart without me". Soon Danny walks in with Lucy strapped onto the front of him and he says, "After a diaper change, Lucy and I lifted a partial print." Then Lindsay looks at her family and smiles.

Lindsay and Danny holding hands5x25 (Pay Up): After Angell's death Danny silently comforts Lindsay through small touches and hand holding.

Season 6

6x01 (Epilogue): Season 6 kicks of with some pretty intense Danny and Lindsay moments. It starts off with Danny struggling to grab a bullet that's on the ground. Since Danny is in his wheelchair, he is struggling to reach for it. Lindsay walks by and hands it to him. When Danny is examining the bullet, it triggers a memory of the night he got shot. When his "flashback" is over, Lindsay is behind him and asks:Danny and Lindsay - CSI: NY | CSI: New York
Lindsay: What are you thinking about?
Danny: I'm thinking that, you know what this wheelchair needs? A side car for Lucy.
(Adam walks in)
Adam: Sounds like you need to pimp your ride yo! Some spinners, a sound system, hydraulics.
Lindsay: Adam, process the scene.
(Back to Danny)
Lindsay: Now don't get too comfortable in that chair.
Danny: Well, it's been a month. And I haven't felt a thing, no movement, no tingling, nothing.
Lindsay: Danny, you gotta be patient.
Danny: We gotta start thinking that this might be the way it is, this is what we gotta do.
Lindsay: Doctor said there's no permanent damage to your spine. The inflammation from the gunshot wound is causing temporary paralysis.
Danny: But how do you forget words like, "more than likely", "best case scenario", "60 percent chance of recovery"? How do you do that?
Lindsay: Well for one I'm an optimist. Another thing, if you don't recover, I'm gonna kick your butt.
Danny: Oh, so you're gonna tackle me now? Is that what you're doing?
Lindsay: Yeah, I am.
Danny: Yeah, well, you didn't need to use profanity, alright. You're too cute to do that.
(Lindsay kisses his head and gives his wheelchair a push)
Lindsay: Don't make fun of me.
Danny: What's that, Montana? You call that a push?

Later, they are comparing voice recordings of the lady that called Danny and on the tape he says "Yeah, Doc says I have a 10 percent chance of recovery." This is different than what he toLindsay comforting Dannyld Lindsay. She later finds him in their office and talks to him.
Lindsay: 10 percent chance of walking? You told me it was 60.
Danny: I just didn't wanna scare you.
Lindsay: You know what scares me Danny is that you think you have to lie to me. I want you to know that no matter what happens, I'm here to stay. Nothing is ever gonna change the way I feel about you. And you know what? 10 percent? I'll take it. That's a chance. That's hope. It seems like you've decided that it isn't enough.
Danny: No, no. I haven't decided anything.
Lindsay: I can hear it in your voice Danny, and that phone call. You're giving up--
Danny: No, no, Lindsay, I just don't need a cheerleader alright, babe?
Lindsay: You're right. You need a kick in the ass. Look, if I have to believe in you all by myself then I will.
(Lindsay pulls him closer to her)
Lindsay: I've gone the long shot before, Danny. I ended up with you.

(Silent pause)
Lindsay: They said there was a 10 percent chance of rain today and I brought my umbrella because 10 percent is enough for me to believe that it's possible.

Then, at the end, there is a scene with Lindsay holding Lucy! While she's doing that, Danny is trying to move his legs. On his second try, he wiggles the toes of his right foot, and when he does, he looks out the window and smiles, because it's RAINING!

Lindsay and Lucy

6x02 (Blacklist-Featuring Gravedigger): There weren't really any Messer/Dantana moments in this episode. The first one I can think of is when Hawkes comments on Lindsay's choice of shirt and she tells him that Lucy threw up on all of her other shirts and that she's late because the sitter was caught in traffic. The only other moment I can think of is when Stella tells Lindsay that she hears that Danny is making progress. Lindsay replies that Danny has a little bit of feeling in his toes, so it's a start. Then Stella tells her that her fingers are crossed for Danny, to which Lindsay smiles.

6x03 (LAT 40° 47' N/Long 73° 58'W
): Danny is doing chin-ups while waiting for some DNA results from the victim's phone. Lindsay comes in and wonders why he's not on his way to his rehab appointment.

Lindsay: Danny! What are you doing?
Danny: Processing the vic's phone.
Lindsay: Oh, of course. What was I thinking?
Danny: Flack had the victim's phone pinged. We found it in the dumpster. Waiting on the DNA results on the trace I found, so I figured I'd get a little pump in.
Lindsay: Don't you have physical therapy today?
Danny: Yeah, yeah. That's what I'm getting ready for.
Lindsay: (giving Danny an incredulous look)Lindsay smiling
Danny: What? You see Lucy lately, huh? She's standing up in her crib, cruising along the walls of the apartment. She's going to walk soon, Lindsay.
Lindsay: Danny, please tell me you're not competing with our 10-month old daughter.
Danny: No, I'm not competing with our daughter. I'm just sick and tired of being in this chair. I wanna run through Central Park with my daughter on my shoulders, ok? I wanna chase down boys who try to hit on her. I wanna dance with you, and her, at her wedding. So if you don't mind.....
Lindsay: (pulling him close, she kisses him and gives him a rub on the neck before she walks away) I don't mind at all.
Danny then continues to do his chin-ups.

Lindsay studies the handwriting samples with discontent; Danny wheels into the room.
Danny: I know that face!
Lindsay: What face?
Danny: The 'I don't like what I see' face. Kind of like the way you look at me when I'm trying to change Lucy's diaper.
(Lindsay chuckles)

6x04 (Dead Reckoning) The first Dantana moment is when Danny is at rehab and he is ready to give up. Hawkes gives him a pep talk and convinces Danny to keep trying.

(I know this is between Danny and Hawkes, but I thought it was really important to include)

Danny: Doc. What are you doing here? Where's Lindsay?
Hawkes: Working. I volunteered to come by and get you. So what was that?
Danny: What?
Hawkes: Danny, you gotta try way harder if you're gonna get up out of this chair.
Danny: Doc, you know what? I got a policy, buddy. I don't take advice unless I ask for it.
Hawkes: I got a policy too. I'm always upfront with my friends. With an injury like yours, you should have been up out
of that chair weeks ago. You're not pushing yourself.
Danny: You kidding me? I'd give you five minutes with the pain that I feel every time I take a step.
Hawkes: Danny, I've treated hundreds of trauma patients that would trade places with you in a minute.
Danny: Look, you came here to take me to work, right? Let's go.
Hawkes: There was a fireman that came into emergency one day, big strong guy. Just hit a walk off home run at the department softball game. Rounded the bases, crossed home plate. His whole team piled on top of him in celebration. Broke his back. I never met anybody with a heart like this guy. Now it took a lo
t of sweat and pain and perservance, but eventually, yeah, he walked again.
Danny: Is that the end of that story?
Hawkes: He said "Pain is the payment for each precious thing". Try harder, Danny.
Danny: (angrily) Let's go! Come on, let's go!

next day, the physiotherapist walks into the room the next day and is surprised to see Danny already out of his chair, at the practice bars. He tells her that he has some "precious things to pay for".

At the end of the episode, Lindsay is awoken by Lucy on the baby monitor. She gets up and makes her way to Lucy's room. She peers in and sees Danny's wheel chair and gets a curious look on her face. When she gets to the doorway, she sees Danny, standing, holding Lucy in his
arms. Lindsay starts crying out of happiness. The episode ends with Danny holding his daughter.

Lindsay smilingDanny and Lucy

6x05 (Battle Scars) October 21 Lindsay is neither featured nor spoken about in this episode. However, Danny is walking around quite well, although he is using a cane. When talking about which pieces of evidence he'd like to examine with Adam ("Door number one or door number two?"), Danny chooses door number one because "it's closer."

6x07 (Hammer Down) Lindsay and Danny are examining the cab of a semi truck. Danny has a questioning look on his face when Lindsay asks what Danny is thinking about. He replies with "Other than the fact that we didn't take a honeymoon?"

6x08 (Cuckoo's Nest) Lindsay is once again, neither featured or spoken of in this episode. Yet, this is the first episode this season where Danny can finally walk on his own two feet.

6x09 (Manhattanhenge)
Danny and Lindsay - CSI: NY | CSI: New York
At the end of this episode, the team is having dinner together, celebrating the fact that they solved the Compass Killer case.

Waitress: Ok. We've got spaghetti and meatballs, Chicken Parmesan, sauteed vegetables, garlic bread...
Adam: Pass the garlic bread
Stella: Here you go
Mac: Thank you.
Waitress: And a bag of ice.
Danny: Ah! Graci, Graci!
Danny puts the bag of ice on his back. Lindsay's hand is on Danny's back.
Waitress: Enjoy
Danny: Alright
Lindsay: Thank you!
Mac: Alright.
Lindsay (to Danny): Got it? You Ok?
Danny: Yeah.
Mac: Here's to a great team. And to getting Hollis Eckhart off the street.
Stella: And to reminding us that life is fleeting and we should hold on to the people we love while we can.
(Danny rubs Lindsay's back)
Mac: We did good.
We did. I think each and every one of us is gonna sleep well tonight.
Adam: Yeah.
Hawkes: Starting tomorrow I will be sleeping in my own apartment.
Adam: Nice. Score a new pad?
Lindsay: Please tell me it's not underground.
Well actually it just a rent control studio off Bleaker.
Lindsay: Nice!
Flack: Good for you.
Mac: This mean I get my couch back?
Hawkes: Well actually, it's unfurnished.
Everyone laughs. Then everybody starts serving themselves and in the middle of that you can see Danny and Lindsay kiss. Short but sweet.

6x11 (Second Chances) In this episode the team is trying to catch a murderer who ran over a guy with a car, slowly. During the investigation Lindsay and Danny are trying to find out what car was used as a murder weapon.
Lindsay is in the lab, looking over the autopsy photos.
Danny: (whistles) How's it going?
Lindsay: Ah, better than I expected. The undercarriage left a pretty distinct sub-dermal bruising pattern all over Manning's torso.
Danny: Nice, I got a very usable tire tread impression from that crook who robbed Santa.
Lindsay: Great. I should be able to get a partial match to an undercarriage in our database.
Danny: Hopefully between the both of us we can narrow it down to a specific make and model. Teamwork.
They both turn around and Danny winks at Lindsay.

Danny and Lindsay - CSI: NY | CSI: New York
The second scene was with Stella and Danny looking over the car Lindsay found.
Stella: Steering column's intact, wasn't hot-wired, definitely started the old fashion way, with a key. Hey Danny, I'm waiting for your boom.
Danny:(under the car) Ah, no more booms, Lindsay made me promise. She's afraid it's gonna be Lucy's first word.
Danny looks around for a minute, then finds what he's looking for.
Danny: Boom.

At the end of the episode Mac has a little "volunteer" work for them. They end up dressed as elves and handing out presents to children. During this Danny and Lindsay sneak in a quick hug.

6x12 (Criminal Justice)
Danny and Lindsay are in the locker room at work and Lindsay confronts him about his back:
Lindsay: Hey. What is that? (referring to Danny's back brace)
Danny: It's nothing. It's precautionary. My back's been acting up. Probably just pulled something.
Lindsay: When?
Danny: A few weeks ago, when Flack and I were chasing Hollis Eckhart.
Danny embracing Lindsay
Lindsay: You know, Danny, maybe you came back to work too soon.
Danny: What are our other options, Linds? Take any more sick days and they'll force a medical leave on me.

Lindsay: Well, look at the bright side. You'd get to spend more time with Lucy.
(Danny smiles)
Lindsay: You are her favorite.
Danny: I'll be fine. (leans in to kiss Lindsay on the cheek).
(Gets up and puts his pills in his locker)
Danny: Don't worry about it. (turns and leaves the locker room).
Later Danny is at an acupuncture studio. He comes out and looks into his locker and see's his wallet is missing, he goes through the locker looking for it mumbling to himself. Finally he calls Lindsay.
Lindsay: Lindsay Messer
Danny: Hey babe, it's me.
Lindsay: You still at the acupuncture studio?
Danny: Yeah, no I'm still here and um I think somebody just lifted my wallet.
Lindsay: Are you sure you had it with you?
Danny: No, no I'm sure it was in here. They got everything. My, my, my, my, wallet, my, my cards, my money, even my grandfather's dogtags. My badge.
Lindsay: Can you talk to the owner? Maybe he saw something.
Danny: They've got my badge Lindsay. What am I gonna do?
Lindsay: Alright, look we'll find it Danny, kay, don't beat yourself up, just come back here. We'll figure something out.
Danny: Alright.
Danny then punches his locker and swears

6x13 (Flag on the Play)

In this episode Danny and Lindsay are once again working the same case.
Lindsay: This fleck has some molecular properties of paint but there's some kind of metallic trace in it as well.
Danny: Metallic Paint?Danny and Lindsay kiss
Lindsay: I don't know. It was wedge in the fabric of here sports bra. I'm thinking maybe the killer transpired it when he dumped our vic in the tub.
Danny: You could be right. The locker room was glass, block and tile. Nothing consistent
with metallic paint.
Lindsay: Any luck finding your badge?
Danny: No. Acupuncture joint hasn't found it anywhere and they looked through the place
a bunch of times.
Lindsay: Danny you could get a command discipline if you don't report it. It's been a week.
Danny: I know how long it's been. Trust me.

Later Danny makes a witty comment to Hawkes about being married.
After that Danny finds his grandfather's dog tag and tells Flack someone stole his badge. When he's processing it to find fingerprints Lindsay walks in.

Lindsay: Any luck?
Danny: Hey. Couple of prints. Probably belong to the guy at the pawn shop though.
Lindsay: Oh I forgot we need diapers.
Danny: Yeah. What else is new?
Lindsay: And we need wipes.
Danny: I'll pick them up on the way home. I'm gonna be here for a little bit though.
Lindsay: Sure. Bye.
Lindsay kisses Danny. The computer beeps.
Danny: We've got a hit here.
Lindsay: Shane Casey? How did his print get on your dog tag?
Danny: I have no idea. This guy's supposed to be serving a life sentence.

6x15 (The Formula) Many little moments and comments between Danny and Lindsay.

6x17 (Pot of gold) In this episode Danny and Lindsay work the case together. Lindsay is in the lab looking a microscope, and Danny comes in and looks another one next to her and says "What ya looking at". Lindsay smiles. Later Lindsay catches up with Danny in the hallway and is telling Danny about some green algae on the victims shirt, she says "i ran it through GCMS and found 3 other ingredients", Danny says, "Oh do i think were talking about what i think were talking about?" then Lindsay says something about one pod in New York that uses algae to make green organic beer. Danny puts hes arm around her and says "bottoms up".

6x18 (Rest in peace, Marina Garito) Danny is looking at a piece of fabric, when he sees Lindsay walking down the hallway and yells "Lindsay Messer!" she smiles:)
Danny and Lindsay - CSI: NY | CSI: New York

6x23 (Vacation Getaway) When well known serial killer Shane Casey is arrested by Flack and held at the District Attorney's office but he attacks the officer that guards him and escapes. Mac and Stella follow the clues left by the assassin and find themselves at the Guggenheim Museum looking at a Andy Warhol painting, one made out of $1 bills. Danny, Lindsay, and Lucy on the other hand are on vacation in Long Island. Shane Casey follows them there where he attempts to kill Danny. Shane Casey then falls off the lighthouse where their fight began. Thinking all is well, the Messers return home and go to sleep. Danny is awoken in the middle of the night by Lucy's crying. He walks into her room only to discover that Shane Casey is holding Lucy. Meanwhile, Lindsay wakes up and discovers Danny isn't in bed. Shane points a gun at Danny. The screen goes black and you hear a gun shot.

Season 7

7x01 (The 34th Floor)

LinDanny and Lindsaydsay is referred to as "Lindsay Monroe-Messer" in this episode. This is also the episode where we FINALLY get a really great close-up shot of Lindsay's wedding rings, as well as Danny's NEW wedding ring (his old one was thicker and had kind of a gap running around the middle. His new one is simple and solid).Lindsay is still having trouble dealing with the fact that she killed a person, much less Shane Casey. She is taking a moment on the rooftop when Danny comes upon her:

Lindsay's wedding ringDanny's NEW wedding ring

Danny: Thought I'd find you up here. This your new spot?
Lindsay: Did I have an old one?
Danny: Yes, you did. Right here. (putting his arms around her) (Lindsay smiles)
Danny: Talk to the department therapist.
Lindsay: Danny, I am not going back there. I'm done.
Danny: I know that. I'm not asking you to. But, uh, baby, you deserve this, ok? (pulling the Combat Cross out of his pocket) You deserve it. And not for the life you took-but the life you saved. You saved our daughter. You're my hero. (kisses her head)

7x02 (Unfriendly Chat) Lindsay and Danny are talking about the influence of technology in the 21st century:

Danny: What are you listening to?
Lindsay: Sass Dumont. This is the track that the professor and Adam were talking about. I downloaded it from her website. It's pretty catchy, don't you think?
Danny: It's not bad. She definitely had some talent.
Lindsay: Yeah, not to mention technology.Think about it-a few of these (Ipads) and a laptop, and she's able to write, record her own music, post it online, millions of people to hear, and then text and video-chat with god-knows how many more.
Danny: That's great. But how long before more is too much?
Lindsay: (laughing) I don't know, but, you know, we already opened the 21st century, Danny. I think it's too late to send it back.
Danny: Yeah, well, you're probably right about that. But just to be clear, though-Lucy is never going near a computer, ok? Just ever.
Lindsay: Ok, but she does have a laptop lab at her preschool and she can use my Iphone better than I can.
Danny: Dammit
Danny and Lindsay
7x17 (Do or die) Lindsay and Danny are working a crime scene at a top rated high school and are discussing Lucy's future.
Lindsay: can you imagine Lucy at a school like this?
Danny: a girl was just murdered here so I’ll try not to
Lindsay: it’s a 5 star education, courses built around the specific developmental needs of your child. An equal emphasis on arts and science and a college acceptance rate that’s in like the 90th percentile.
Danny: you memorised the brochure?
Lindsay: I’m just trying to be prepared. Its our daughters future
Danny: well I got news for you sweet heart. Lucy’s going to go to an old fashion nice public school like I went to ok? That’s her future not with these kids
Lindsay: (laughing) ok

7x18(identity crisis) lindsay danny and adam are looking at evidence when adam gos on the age progestion to see what lindsay looks like.
adam: (laughts) hahahahaha
danny: (laughts) phahahahaha, hey come on thats not right, dont do that, stop it.
lindsay: what?
danny: hes messing with the age progestion sofeware, i wouldnt look
lindsay: is that me! thats not funny
danny: i didnt do it
lindsay yea but your laughing
danny: well....
lindsay: your going to married to her
danny:oh omg
lindsay: were growing old together
danny: yes
(boss walks in)

Season 8: Season 8 began with Danny having passed the sgt.'s exam, earning him a promotion. But, the long nights and days away from home quickly began to prove difficult for the couple.

8X4 Officer Involved: Danny goes out for a drink with his band of rookies, and afterward, they get in a fight with two guys outside the bar. Danny is knocked out with a bottle to the head, and when he wakes up, one of the guys has been shot. Unfortunately, it's later discovered to be the unarmed man, rather than the guy with the gun. The cop who shot him claims Danny told her to lie and say she shot the armed guy because they were having an affair. She points to video of her cuddling up to Danny in the bar. Danny insists she was coming onto him, and later, Lindsay confronts the rookie, pressuring her successfully to tell the truth and not ruin an entire family. Danny returns to the lab, where he feels most at home, even though he's told he can stay a sgt.

8x6: Get Me Out of Here: The Messers talk over final arrangements as they work on a case. Lindsay talks about wanting her ashes spread on a mountain, and Danny is okay with a grave in the city. But Lindsay says that if she dies first, she will haunt Danny and his future girlfriends and eat ALL his cannolis. Danny says he wants a week long party in his honor when he dies.

8x15 Kill Screen: Although not a real D/L heavy ep, there are some fun scenes in the video game convention. Lindsay says maybe one of the guys can tell Danny how to beat her at Halo. Flack tells them to save it for the bedroom.

8x18 Near Death Although it's part of Mac's visions while comatose, it's shown that Danny and Lindsay are considering their future, and how they really want to raise Lucy-if they want a house in the suburbs instead of a city apartment.

Season 9: Season 9 brought another big D/L development and two more big episodes.

9x04 Unspoken: Danny and Lindsay are visiting a political rally when shots ring out. Danny looks for the guy while Lindsay ducks to cover Lucy from the shots. In the process, she's hit with a snack cart in the head. She's not severely injured, but the hospital keeps her overnight to be sure she's okay, due to her concussion. She wakes up that night to see someone in the room and thinks it's Danny. However, she later discovers, after Danny assures her he wasn't there overnight, that it was the shooter. He had intended to kill her, but he saw Lucy's drawing and realized she was a mother, and he didn't harm her. Lindsay says in this episode that Danny calling her 'Montana' in the hospital is the first time in a while.

9x08: Late Admissions: Lindsay returns to Montana to witness the execution of the man who killed her friends and to visit her father. Danny is worried, but she won't talk to him, won't answer her phone when he calls. However, later, when she returns home, Danny is there waiting, and they hug.

9x13 Nine Thirteen Lindsay is sick and a bit nauseated. Mac and the rest of the lab have bets going on if she is or isn't pregnant again. She intially rebuffs their inquiries, but at the end of the episode, she reveals to Danny that she's indeed pregnant with their second child.

9x16 Love Actually: This episode has a D/L home scene in the collection of couple scenes-Mac and Christine and Flack and Levato being the other two. Danny has noted that they don't cuddle as much as they used to, and don't see each other as often. He makes a comment about her carrying his little BOY. They start to cuddle, but then Lucy screams for them, saying something is under her bed.

Danny and Lindsay - CSI: NY | CSI: New York

The Lost Kiss

Reasons Why We Think Danny Is The Perfect Guy For Lindsay and Why They Are Together! (a.k.a Why We Love Him).
1. They have a Love/Hate relationship but now its love.
2. 'Mr. and Mrs. Messer' sounds perfect!
3. He calls her "Montana" because he has a ginormous crush on her.
4. He perked up when Lindsay started talking about phone sex.
5. He went with his instincts and flew to Montana for her.
6. They nearly kissed in a court house...but conceived a child in his home.
7. Helllllllooooooo. They kinda...you know...did the naughty on his pool table.
8. He is super hot!
9. Love the jokes he makes.
10. Love the comments and smart-alack wisecracks he makes to Lindsay
11. They have "Chemistry."
12. Has a special smile for her.
13. He asked her to marry him.
14. Offers to give her a ride home.
15. He feel in "Love with his Montana."
16. He calls her honey/hon.
17. She fell in love with him.
18. Danny loves the baby so much he reads to it while Lindsay's working.
19. He's a child at heart (he still reads a comic book every now and then).
20. He's excited about the child that's coming into his life.
21. He always wants to connect with the baby, through touching Lindsay's huge belly.
22. His protective tendencies are coming out already, and the baby's not even here yet ("If this is a girl, no guy's gettin' close enough to her to get her pregnant")
23. Danny wears his heart on his sleeve. He's not afraid to admit how he's feeling or say what's on his mind.
24. Danny likes to surprise Lindsay any chance he gets.
25. Danny is always looking after Lindsay's physical, emotional, and mental health. Especially now that a baby is coming.
26. He said she was what he's always wanted and he wanted to be with her.
27. He doesn't function when she is not around.
28. Danny was the only one who would sit by her while she ate bugs/insects for dinner.
29. He's always looking for away to connect with the baby-usually through caressing Lindsay's expanding belly.
30. He loves it when she talks trivia.
31. He always wants her to be safe, especially for the baby's sake-for example, not allowing her to visit the scene of the bombing because of the fumes from the blast and the dust from the house.
32. He misses her when she is not around.
33. He lost his mind while she was in Montana.
34. He doesn't want to disappoint her or their children.
35. He knows that he can be the guy that she wants him to be.
36. He KNOWS he is the guy that Lindsay wants him to be.
37. Danny cares enough about Lindsay to not tell her that he almost died after being involved in a gunfight with a suspect.
38. Danny clears loves being married to Lindsay, and it's clear he really values his marriage, because the first thing he did after returning to the lab after the gunfight was to clean the blood off of his wedding ring.
39.He is always there when she needs him the most.
40. Danny always has been, and always will be, very protective of his GIRLS (Lindsay and Lucy.)
41. He has a baby girl with her and soon will have a boy too!
42. He is a great father to baby Lucy, and you can bet he'll love his son just as much!
43. He is the only man for his little girl-and boy.
44. He makes it so easy to realize that even Sid knows that he likes Lindsay!
45. He always says exactly the right thing to cheer Lindsay up when she is upset.
46. Even though she didn't want to talk about stuff when she was in Montana, he was still there waiting to hug her when she got home!

Reasons Why We Think Lindsay Is The Perfect Girl For Danny and Why They Are Together! (a.k.a Why We Love Her).
1. She likes it when he calls her "Montana."
2. She smiles every time they talk.
3. She still loves him after everything he put her through.
4. She has his little girl and is having his second baby!!
5. She smiles when he touches her belly.
6. She fell in love with him.
7. She sticks up for Danny.
8. She supports the decisions he makes.
9. She is always there when he needs her the most.
10. Lindsay taught him that a world exists outside of New York City-e.g."wheat fields of Montana."
11. Lindsay taught him (and showed her adventurous side) that it's ok to do crazy things-like eating meal worm spaghetti, grasshopper chutney, wasp tamale, and fried tarantula.
12. Lindsay showed Danny that she's tougher than she looks and that she's not as fragile as she appears to be-she survived the massacre of her 3 best friends, which must have been the worst event in her life that has ever occurred.
13. Lindsay constantly forgives Danny whenever he makes a mistake.
14. She didn't totally shut out the idea of marrying Danny.
15. She DID marry Danny.
16. She planted the first kiss on Danny (see the unaired scene-or watch the end of "Green Piece").
17. Every once in a while, she kisses him first (such as when they made love on his pool table or when they got engaged).
18. She kicked his butt in pool.
19. She always brings a smile to his face.
20. She always expresses her feelings.
21. She knows he can be the guy that she wants him to be.
22. She knows that Danny IS the guy that she wants him to be.
23. She likes him a lot.
24. She always worries about him.
25. She's comfortable enough to talk about phone sex around him.
26. Lindsay's humorous stories make Danny chuckle-such as finding a dead beaver on her parents' property, and resisting the temptation to rope off the scene with crime scene tape and start processing.
27. She's the only one that truly makes him happy.
28. She's having his baby boy now!
29. She's adorable and he knows it!
30. She has a baby girl with him and soon they'll have a baby boy!
31. She is a great mom to baby Lucy!!
32. She knows enough about football to make Danny want to marry her.
33. She's one of Danny's precious things.
34. If she dies first, she'll still stay with him forever, and eat all his cannolis!

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