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3x24 - Snow Day
Danny wakes up. He turns and finds Lindsay asleep in the crook of
his arm. He pokes her nose with his finger. She scrunches her face,
brushes her nose and slowly wakes up. She opens her eyes
and smiles at Danny.

LINDSAY: What time is it?
DANNY: It's early.
LINDSAY: I have to be at work at 9:00. You're lucky you got a later
DANNY: Yeah, well, don't worry. Just go back to sleep.
I'll wake you up.

(Lindsay closes her eyes.)

LINDSAY: I dreamt that I woke up and you were gone. You left a note.
DANNY: Where would I go? This is my place.
LINDSAY: (chuckles) I was hoping for a better answer.
DANNY: I'm just kidding. I'm glad this happened.

(He kisses her forehead.)

LINDSAY: Me, too.

(She nuzzles him, kisses his chest and goes back to sleep.)

Dantana Timeline - CSI: NY | CSI: New York

(Lindsay is on the pool table. She wakes up and looks around as she
gets her bearings. She gets up to get dressed.)

Danny, you were supposed to wake me up.

(Lindsay is dressed. She picks up her shoes and grabs her shirt.
She turns and sees the note Danny wrote her on the kitchen

DANNY:(v.o.)"Montana, don't freak out. Although I'm sure you
already have. We're trading shifts. I got you covered.
Enjoy your snow day. D."

(Lindsay smiles. She turns around and sees breakfast on the table -
a box of cereal and a bowl - and a flower in a glass of water.
She picks up the flower and smells it.)

(The night before, Danny and Lindsay are drinking and playing

DANNY: There's no way you're going to make this shot through my path.
LINDSAY: A Benjamin says I do.

(She makes the shot and the ball goes in the corner pocket.)

LINDSAY: You owe me $100.
DANNY: You know what? You're going to have to wait till payday.

(They kiss.)

LINDSAY: (v.o.) You either pay me now or you come up with something

(As they kiss, she takes his shirt off. He takes her shirt off.
And the rest of the billiard game is forgotten.)


(Lindsay smiles as she remembers. She puts the flower back in the
glass of water and reaches for the box of cereal.)

Dantana Timeline - CSI: NY | CSI: New York Dantana Timeline - CSI: NY | CSI: New York

4x19- Personal Foul

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