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Played by Eddie Cahill

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CSI NY | Eddie CahillWhat do we know about Don Flack?

Name: Donald 'Don' Flack
Age: Unknown
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'3


Son of the NYPD "legend", Donald Flack Sr.
He has one little sister (Sam) and at least one brother. His mom made a mean corn beef hash on Wednesdays
-Patrol with Gavin Moran
-4 years in Bank Robbery Task Force
-7 years in Detective Unit
- Persisted trying to help Sam overcome her addictions and eventually got her a job in the NYPD's journalism department.
-Snuck into one of the baseball stadiums with Sam to spread their father's ashes as per his last request.

Work style:

What drives Don?

-Det. Jessica Angell
-Det. Jamie Lovato

Defining Cases (or Episodes):

Season 1
The Fall (1x17)
In this episode Det. Flack is at odds with his mentor Gavin Moran during the investigation of a wine store owner's murder. Flack and the team think that Moran is hiding something when surveillance videos of the crime scene reveal missing evidence. Det. Flack angers Moran when he requests to see his log book, but the log book contains a crossed outentry about the missing soda can. Further investigation reveals that Moran fathered one of the suspected gang members and that he removed the soda can in order to protect him. Ultimately, Mac informs Flack that Moran will be picked up, but Flack insists that he wants to be the one to do it. Although Moran will be forced to retire, he will keep his pension, and Flack allows him to retain his dignity by not cuffing him. Instead they walk out of the station like they are "going for a smoke".

Season 2
Charge of This Post (2x24)

Don Flack - CSI: NY | CSI: New York

During this season finale episode Mac and the team are investigating a homicide . While following a blood trail, Mac and Flack stumble upon a large amount of c-4 explosive in an office building. While attempting to clear the building the bomb explodes with Flack and Mac trapped inside. Although Mac walks away from the bombing relatively unhurt, he is separated from Flack. He finds him nearby buried under debris and severely injured. Mac, remembering a fellow Marine whom he coul d not save during a bombing in Beirut, goes to help Flack. With the aid of another survivor Mac manages to tie off a bleeding artery until Flack can be taken to the hospital. As the team rushes to find the bomber, Flack undergoes major surgery where remnants of the bomb are removed from his chest wounds and saved as evidence. Towards the end of the episode the team goes to visit Flack after his operation and he is still unconscious. Mac goes to sit with Flack, still worried about his condition and thinking of the Marine he could not save. He asks Flack to squeeze his hand if he can hear him, the same thing he said to that Marine, but with no response. Flack, however, does squeeze his hand, and Mac is visibly relieved.

Season 3
Black cocaine traces are found in a crime scene, what makes the team think that the victim interrupted a drug deal. The cocaine's formula turns out to be a match to the same one registered after a 50 kilos bust handled by Flack in an apartment some time ago. Immediately, Mac questions Flack about the bust and the men involved in it,and asks him "friendly" for his notebook;Flack stands for his officers, telling Mac that none of them took anything, and refuses to give him his notebook. But when Flack questions a felon involved in the case about the drug quantity, he discovers that they only booked and destroyed 50 kilos, but there were 53 kilos of black cocaine in the apartment. When the evidence points to Dean Truby, one of the agents that worked on the bust, Mac confiscates Flack's notebook. Flack tells him that he is worried about all the criminals that will go out of jail arguing that Truby is a dirty cop, but Mac tells him that what worries him are good cops that will be questioned because of Truby. Later he arrests him in the precinct right in front of Flack.

Snow Day
Don Flack is forced to shoot and kill a suspect in a drug raid. He must also get Danny and Adam out of a hostage situation.

Season 4

Season 5

Rush To Judgement:
Flack is suspended by IAB when a suspect dies in his custody, though it's discovered later that the kid had an underlying medical condition that caused his death.

Pay Up:
Don is left reeling by the death of Jessica Angell, and becomes determined to find her killer.

Season 6

Dead Reckoning:
Flack freezes during a gunfight with a suspect, and it's called into question

Cuckoo's Nest
Flack finally hits bottom when he gets drunk and is attacked on the subway after he disappears from work for two days and worries everyone. He finally accepts Mac's urging to get help.

Season 7

To What End?
Flack investigates a case that connects to an old one, and he must work with a witness he previously got into witness protection during that case.


His sister, Samantha, is an alcoholic


Speaks a little Irish, learned it from his grandfather. He doesn't have a College Degree.


Badge no. 8571 (All in the family Season 4 Ep. 13)

He's allergic to cats. (Zoo York Season 2 Ep. 01)

Is a mentor at the YMCA

He has Toyota Avalon

He can speak some Irish (5X19)

He is a detective 1st grade


"I swear if one of Them call me bro"(3x04 Hung Out To Dry)

"I got everything under the sun, some say he was shot from a tree, he fell off the horse and shot himself, one lady said 'aliens came down.' This city's full of nuts."

"I like to do a little sight seeing after i commit murder."

"So what you need is extensive road testing? Say I take each one up to Taconic and back?"

"Who? Who? He's an owl now!"

"I'll start with the nuts in this city, and work my way up".

(After having the door slammed in his face) "You have a good night now".(2x08 Bad Beat )
"Let me arrest him for swearing on his grandmother."

You don't call, you don't write... I was starting to think you are seeing other detectives"

"Is it just me or is he orange?"

"Where'd you learn that? Catholic Encyclopedia?"

"There is nothing more depressing than looking at a rich kids money line."
( 1x20 Supply and Demand )

"When I'm the cooler head, ya know you blew it."
( 1x20 Supply and Demand )

"So he was killed by a crap-sicle..."
(1x11 Tri-Borough )

" look at you, 10 years and 2 murders later."

"Hey! You're in the big league now. Gotta step up your lies."

"Where I'm from, still makes you a foreigner."

"Did he ever nip a little much here, tuck too much there?"
(2x02 Grand Murder in Central Station )

"Yeah, yeah, I know. I heard your sob story."
(2x05 Swimming with the Fishes )

"Viagra! Mr. Kinsey was being all he could be!"
(2x06 Youngblood )

Flack: Stella, this smell Cuban to you?
Stella: I can't tell, better break another one. ( 2x08 Bad Beat )

"What? Ya don't recognize him with his face blown off?"

"Get your I.D. too, we're gonna need it to file assault charges."

"Thanks! Now if I had your shoes, I'd be set!"
( 2x17 Necrophilia Americana )

"Would these eyes lie?"
(2x18 Live or Let Die )

(When Mac asks is he alright)
"I'm not used to looking down on the barrel of AK-47 but I'll be alright"

"Oh I'm sorry. Can you explain the difference between DNA and RNA? Is that better? 'Cause that's scintillating conversation right there"

"Stop, Drop, and Roll you son of a *****"-
Child's Play

"A couple of kids came into the 3-5, said that a friend's football may've accidentally kill the man. I locked them up for fun."

Flack: You think Houdini knew the impact he would have on Mafia lingo?
Hawkes: I'm sorry?
Flack: It's like when they wack somebody, they say we made him do a Houdini. Do you think that would make him proud?
Hawkes: Are we actually having this conversation?
Flack: Oh, I'm sorry...Can you explain the difference between DNA and RNA? Is that better? Because that's scintillating conversation right there.

"Let me arrest him for swearing on his grandmother."

I've slept with a lot of women. Some wild, some crazy, some both.'" (2x 14 Stuck on You )

Hey boxershorts, cold shower's this way! ( 2x20 Run Silent, Run Deep )

What’s that bulge in your pocket? And don’t get cute. (2x13 Risk )

Stella: Hammerback’s autopsy report came back on Mirabella, and the results were pubic hair combing.
Flack: Two foreign pubic hair samples. Now there’s a party (2x14 Stuck On You)

"I'll give you rights and lefts take a walk, go on back to your nest you vultures (season 1, episode "The Dove Commission")

"This guy is gonna do life plus 20 for stupid" (talking about a movie the gang is watching in the end of 'Get Me Out of Here" in season 8)

So Serious!Not ImpressedYummy DonJust Another Fugly Tie Day In Paradise
Double-O-Flack"The Deep"
A Gentleman in Grey"Flack. Don Flack."
Flack and Lindsay--Season 5Contemplative FlackCheck Out Those Bangs!
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". . .Comes Around" scene with DannyCaught With Cake!Vested Interest
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Smiling With SamBeautiful BluesNice Smile
You Only Die OnceCecil Arthur Scene With Stella
Houdini SceneLemme Tell You Somethin'...
Flack's Breaking PointYuck!
Hey, Don't Look At Me![Untitled]
Don Flack - CSI: NY | CSI: New YorkDon Flack - CSI: NY | CSI: New York

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