Forgetting Her BirthdayThis is a featured page

The week before...

Lindsay: Hey Danny don't forget it's my birthday next week and i'm gonna meet you at that restraunt.

Danny: How could I forget about you? Your the best thing in the world.

Lindsay: Aww, I know. Anyway did you talk to Rikki about what happened t Ruben?

Danny: Yeah she won't talk to me or anyone else.

Lindsay: She's grieving give her some space. Did I ever tell you how boring it is when your not here?

Danny: No.

They were both sitting on her couch waiting for the phone to go off because a Saturday night was the worst. The phone wrang but it wasn't Mac or the guys it was Rikki.

Lindsay: Hello?

Rikki: Hi is this Lindsay?

Lindsay: Yep.

Rikki: Hi i'm Rikki is Danny there? Oh and by the way I have your number cos Danny gave me it and told me if i'm not home or answering his cell I could call you. And apparently from what I've heard your an amazing girlfriend.

Lindsay: Yep Danny' here oh and thanks for telling me the last bit I can use it against him.

Rikki: Your welcome. Can I speak to Danny?

Lindsay: Yeah sure Danny get your lazy butt over here.Rikki's on the phone.

Danny: Alright alright. Keep your pants on.

Lindsay slapped him round the head and handed him the phone while pausing Doctor Who's finale.

Rikki: Hi Danny.

Danny: Hey Rikki.

Rikki: What are you doing next week?

Danny:Umm next week. What am I doing next week oh yeah its Lindsay'ss birthday so i'm gonna be busy all week. Why?

Rikki: I just wondered if you wanted to hang out.

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