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Played by Anna Belknap

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Anna again
What do we know about Lindsay?

Lindsay is a native of Bozeman, Montana. Her Midwestern manners, such as removing her shoes before entering a suspect's home, are a novelty to her co-workers. Because of her roots, she is particularly sensitive about cases in which the victim comes from a small town. Ten years before her arrival in New York, she was the lone witness and survivor to a multiple homicide in which three of her friends and a waitress were killed (episode 312, "Silent Night", episode 318, "Sleight Out of Hand"). This event is what both motivates and hinders her as a CSI, as it has also left some deep scars; she finds it difficult to talk to mothers of crime victims (episode 305, "Oedipus Hex"), and is particularly rattled by the sight of young deceased girls.

Work style:
Upon her appearance on the show, it was revealed that Lindsay had worked as a CSI in Bozeman for three years when she was sought out by crime lab supervisor Mac Taylor to replace the recently-dismissed Aiden Burn, who was fired by Mac for tampering with evidence. While, according to Stella Bonasera, her dedication and abilities in the lab first drew Mac's notice, she has since proven herself to be not only a good CSI in the field, but also a competent interrogator (episode 205, "Dancing With The Fishes"). Occasionally, Lindsay has put her life on the line when she believed there was no other alternative, such as going undercover as a jewellery store robber to save the life of a hostage (episode 302, "Not What It Looks Like").
In the episode in which she first appears, she is immediately put to work when she arrives in New York; Mac has her aid him in obtaining evidence from a tranquilized tiger at the zoo. She later takes down a fleeing suspect, who was much larger than her, with such ferocity that Mac asks her, "What do they feed you in Montana?" During her first few weeks, because of her newcomer status, she is given the "dirty" jobs, like sifting through tiger dung, recovering evidence from a pool full of personal lubricant, and dumpster diving to recover a discarded shotgun.
Lindsay abruptly leaves a crime scene almost as soon as she arrives in "Silent Night," forcing Stella to cover for her sudden absence. Lindsay is initially tight-lipped about her actions to Stella, but later comes clean about memories of the decade-old murder that she survived, which were triggered by her arrival at the crime scene and a trip to the morgue in which she saw the bodies of young women on the autopsy table.
Lindsay was bitten by a cobra that escaped from a victim's car at a crime scene (episode 310, "Sweet 16"). This was primarily a device used to cut back on Anna Belknap's screentime during her real-life pregnancy at the time.
In episode 314, "The Lying Game," Lindsay takes a leave of absence to return to Bozeman; she is to testify for the state against a suspect arrested for the murder of her friends (the leave of absence coincided with Anna Belknap's real-life maternity leave from the show). She is shown on the witness stand in episode 318, "Sleight Out Of Hand," struggling with recalling the events when Danny Messer suddenly enters the courtroom. Buoyed by his presence, she regains her composure and confidently gives her testimony, positively identifying the suspect as the gunman. Thanks in part to Lindsay's testimony, the suspect is found guilty.
Lindsay seems to enjoy her job. She is often seen making enthusiastic, detailed explanations - sometimes complete with demonstrations, to the delight and amusement of Stella and Mac.

What drives Mrs. Messer?:
The memories of her dark secret drive her to find justice for all victims.

Husband: Danny Messer (Husband since middle of season 5, dated season 3 to 5).
Children: Lucy Messer, pregnant with second child, referred to as a boy by Danny.
Father: Robert Monroe


Defining Cases (or Episodes):

Season 2:
Zoo York (first appearance)
Stealing Home

Season 3
Silent Night
Sleight Out of Hand
Not What It Looks Like
Snow Day
Season 4

Season 5
The Box
The Triangle
Green Piece (she becomes Danny Messer's wife)
Greater Good (gives birth to a daugther)

Season 6

Criminal Justice
Vacation Getaway

Season 7
The 34th Floor

Season 8
Get Me Out Of Here

Season 9
Late Admissions
Nine Thirteen (she reveals she's pregnant with her and Danny's second child)
Blood Actually


Was the only survivor and witness of a horrible multiple homicide, of which four of her close friends were murdered, when she was a teenager.


  • She is a 49ers fan. [Stealing Home]
  • Danny usually calls her "Montana" or "Country Girl."
  • She prefers the Mach 5 over the Batmobile.
  • The Producers Of CSI NY first had her last name as Lindsay Hamilton.
  • Her badge number is 8433.
  • Was her third grade class champion for hopscotch.
  • She's a size two.
  • She doesn't have pierced ears.


  • "Funny how a little lube speeds up the processing."(After searching a pit filled with lube for evidence). [Trapped]
  • "We're more than beer and buffalo burgers....Messer" [A Daze of Wine and Roaches]
  • "But I ROCK anyway." [You Only Die Once]

  • Lindsay: Have you ever gotten an anonymous phone call from anyone?
    Danny: Sure it's happened.
    Lindsay: Does it turn you on? [ Live Or Let Die]

  • "The future Mr. Messer." [You Only Die Once]
  • (watches Mac shoot an arrow) "Another weapon you're an expert with. I don't know if I should be impressed or worried." [Stuck On You]
  • "Why was I the only one?" [Silent Night]
  • Lindsay: I could use a friend here Stell.
  • Lindsay: So, Flack, how many numbers did you get?
    Flack: I don't like where you're going with this, Monroe.
    Lindsay: How many?
    Flack: Three. [People with Money]

  • (Lindsay is going through the dumpster of an apartment building, looking for evidence).
    Lindsay: Ah, now, see? That's a shame.
    Mac: What's a shame?
    (Lindsay pulls a shotgun up out of the dumpster).
    Lindsay: Somebody went and threw away a perfectly good shotgun. [Bad Beat]

  • (eating bugs) "It's just protein." [Fare Game]
  • Lindsay: He doesn't think that is funny, he's humoring you.
    Danny:You don't know him like I do. [Stuck on You]
  • You gotta money order? (Green Piece)
  • Lindsay: Wow, how weird was that? There's no way that one of these can replace a real woman!
    Flack: Oh I dunno Linds, they're not bad looking. Think of all the money a guy could save on dinner.
    Lindsay: A doll?! (pedestrians turn and gasp slightly) I mean I could understand if you dumped me for a real woman but a piece of plastic? What does she have that I don't have huh?
    Flack: Forgive my wife, (makes crazy sign) she's not well. (mumbles to Lindsay) I'm gonna get you for that Monroe. Big time.

    lollDanny and Lindsay

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