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Just a little story I thought up, feedback appreciated (:

Chp.1 Stella's POV

Stella opened one eye and inhaled the faint hint of lynx that was still surronding the man she was lying on top of. Confused about where she was, Stella pushed herself from lying on top of him on his sofa, and thats when she saw his scar.
Panick began to set in as she realised just who she was lying on top of, naked. Sitting up Stella gazed at him breathing for a while, smiling to herself as he muttered silly little things in his sleep. Glancing at the clock on his livingroom wall, she realised she wouldn't have to make a move for another hour, so she lay back down and let their breathing go into sync.

Chp.2 Mac's POV

Mac groaned as his mobile alarm rang out loud and clear, signalling the start of a new day. As he tried to sit up, he discovered something was lying acroos him. Opening his eyes fully, he found a certain someone was lying across his chest with her arms wrapped around his neck. Rolling his head to the side, Mac noticed both of their clothes were thrown around the room, underwear and all. Pulling the blanket off the back of his sofa, Mac pushed her body up off his chest and leaned her into the corner of the sofa, covering her modest with the blanket. Grabbing yesterdays boxers off the floor, Mac pulled them on and headed to the kitchen to make some coffee.

Chp.3 Both POVs

Opening her eyes, Stella found she was the lone occupant of the sofa now. Grabbing Mac's shirt off the floor and pulling it over her head, she headed through to the kitchen to get some answers to her unsolved questions.
Mac grabbed the two cups of coffe off the counter and turned around to find a very sleepy Stella Bonasera making her way into the kitchen. Mac pulled a chair out for her, but Stella opted to lie across the table.

"God Mac, where do you get these shirts? There soooo comfy" Stella smiled, sitting back up and taking her cup of coffee off Mac.

"Some shirt shop Claire used to go to, I don't even know the name, just how to get there" Mac said, chucking his cup in the sink.

"Maaaaaaaac?" Stella said

"Stellaaaaaaaaaa" Mac replied

"What the hell happened last night?" Stella asked, sliding off the end of the table and running her fingers across Mac's shoulder blades as she walked over to the sink.

"Alcohol, and lots of it," Mac grinned, pointing to the empty cans of beer and bottles of wine that were strewned around the kitchen and livingroom.

"What made us do it? I mean, I've never woken up naked on top of my boss before and was just wondering why the hell we consumed that much alcohol."

"Hmm.... I can't say I have ever woken up with a colleague on top of me on my couch, but theres always a first for everything!" Mac laughed as Stella blushed over the couch bit, " anyway, was it not something about a bet? I said you couldn't hit a faster shot than me at baseball, and you proved your point by beating me in spectacular style?"

"Ahhh yes. I remember now, I get the whole alcohol bit now but the no clothes? Still scoring blanks on that one."

"Me too," Mac said sheepishly, picking up his digital camera off the top of his fireplace.

"Any clues?" Stell asked, wrapping her arms around Mac's neck from behind.

"Ohh ye!" Mac laughed pointing at a picture of him wearing Stella's clothes and Stella wearing his clothes.

"Ehh, that may explain the whole naked scenario then?" Stella blushed as she grabbed her underwear off the coffee table.

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