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They settled in a corner. It was just like every other night they started together: food for both of them. When the waiter arrived, she ordered for both of them. This made him smile. She knows him so well, she could read his mind. Weird, yes. Unacceptable, no. Definitely not. He was still lost in his thoughts when she gently gave him a nudge.

Stella: What you doin tonight?
Mac: Masquarade ball. You?
Stella: On duty, remember? I just wanted to know what I'd be pullin you out of, just in case.

Mac laughs. She's got that smart look on her, even if she is just wearing casual. Not to mention her adorable way of making him smile, at the same time, showing she cares.


Everyone was in great costumes.
Mac (to himself): Why the hell did I ever agreed on coming here? I don't know anyone here and if I did, I wouldn't knw anyway.

For that reason, he decided to stay in the bar.

Bartender: what you havin?
Mac: Old school or anything close.

THen a lady in black with a black dress and a red mask started his way.

Lady: What does a dashing Brom Bones doin wastin time, drinking the night away?
Mac: Two left feet. Brom Bones, Sleepy Hallow, right?
Lady: A man who knows his literature, interesting.
Mac: I'm De...
Lady: Please don't tell. I'm not taking my mask off so I'd rather you don't.
Mac: But you don't have to....
Lady: But I just won't bear it.
And with that she smiles.

Mac and the mysterious lady chatted for a while until suddenly, the boat roughly stopped. Because of his cop insticts, he quickly excused himself and headed to see the captain of the boat. On his way there, he got bumped by a man wearing a sailor suit which was quite peculiar cnsidering that the event was purely for socialization of people in the department with very important people. But because Mac's focus was on finding out what was wrong, he just shruged it off. When he talked to the crew, he was informed that they were going back to dock as fast as posible due to the discovery of a dead body on the boat. Also as an instict, Mac dialed Stella's number without even looking at his phone. He knows anything and everything about her by heart. That is something he has admitted to her and, on his opinion, actually brought them closer.

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